Pc racing SS FLO oil filter gasket?

I just got my pc racing ss oil filter and it doesnt come with two gasket on the filter like oem would have. It only has the one on the side facing/mating with the oil filter cover and not the one facing the engine case.

So iam just wondering if it was critical to have a gasket on the engine case side?

In the case of the Scotts SS Mesh filter, no base pad is used on the filter, and none is required. It is not a gasket or seal in the true sense, since it doesn't seal anything. It is needed with the paper filters so that they will hold against the cover without crushing. I can't say for sure if all of the cheap copycat filters are built that way, but the Scotts is.

Thats what i needed to know. Thank you! Also do you have a few pictures of your scotts so that i can compare it to my PC?

No, I don't. :doh:

i just ordered a pc racing flo ss oil filter, and was wondering if you think this is a quality product or not? or do you think the scotts is considerably better? thanks for any input you may have.

I've never seen one. How much did it cost?

I don't know. Looks like stamped end frames rather the machined ends on the Scotts. Probably made in China on the same assembly line with a bunch of the other knock-offs.

would it still filter better than a paper filter?, or do you think i should return this and get the scotts?

Assuming it performs as it is claimed to, it will filter differently than paper, and I think better (Read: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4676297#post4676297 )

Whether it's as good as a Scotts is dubious. I suppose it's possible that it doesn't need to be. For me, I would have gone with a Scotts to begin with, but you have to decide that.

Ok thanks gray, I highly value your opinion, and I will seriously consider the scotts oil filter. Does the tt store sell the scotts?

the more i look at it the more i like the scotts, being made in the USA helps too. i think i will order that when my 450 is due for an oil change. thanks for all of your help gray.

The TT store sell them, but you may have to call and ask for it.

i have the same ss oil filter you have. and it didnt come with the extra rubber plug on the end side. at first i was worried till i found out the scotts doesnt have one either. i would of went scotts filter but i didnt find it on tt store and quick search on ebay and google didnt pop anything up for the 426/450. after i bought mine i found the web site lol. probably in the future ill buy theres but for now the pc flow is working just fine and seems to be manufactured decent(not saying it compares to scott quality sense i havent seen one) but i have already cleaned it seveal times and it looks exactly the same from the day i bought it.

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