My stock kickstarter on my 02 yz250f has a big groove that is forming at that little tab about half way up. I don't know whats causing it but it is almost half way through now. has anyone had this problem? :)

Is it hitting the foot peg when kicking it?

Mine's an '01 and I have it. You're are kicking it down into the peg. It's normal. Just don't follow through so far. Do the e-cam mod and it makes it easier.

I went to the auto parts store and got some heater hose and slipped it over the kicker down to where it hits. it eventually wears thru, but you can just tightly spin it around to a fresh uncut area. Total cost .75 for a 1ft length that will last years!

The kickstarter on my bike has the same groove. Yes, it is normal, it hits the footpeg every now and then. That is why the extra tab is there. By the time you wear throught that chunk of aluminium, your bike will be able to race in the "Vintage Iron" class :) Don't worry about it!

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