Installing new graphics?

Finally got some graphics that I like. N-style Ultra 2002 model. I wanted OEM style but nobody had them.

N-style recommends using contact cleaner on the plastic before installing. Any suggestions on the best way to clean the plastic?

I would like to make these stay on for awhile so any advice is appreciated.


Lightly sand out any scratches and clean very well. I use dish washing detergent to clean and windex to aid in placement.

Oh yeah. Be sure your hands are very clean also.

What is the trick to getting a number plate decal to go on smooth ( D#mn wrinkles!)around humps and bumps? i.e. the passenger side, side panel... I wanted to put on a white backer to offset the black number, and it wasn't pretty the first try?! Will warming the decal up first help? I'm sure this comes up with some of the graphics installs? When you say Windex, do you spray it on the plastic and float the graphic on, and the Windex evaporates later?(some car graphics are applied that way (Trans Am eagle))or use the Windex to clean in advance? Thanks... Andrew

Just put new ones on. Sanded down the really rough spots, cleaned with alcohol, let dry and warm to room temperature. Got a spray bottle and put a little dishwashing soap in (just enough to make some bubbles when filled up). Sprayed it on the surface, put the graphic in place and conformed it to the "curves" with a blow dryer on high heat. Made things real easy. My daughter even helped out in smoothing the stickers down. Let it dry for a few days and no fuss, no muss. N-Style Graphics

I have done the Windex method before, never really understood how it evaporates if the sticker is solid. Sounds like the soapy water does the same.

I did find instructions on the N-style web site, they don't mention the slippery liquid but they did say the blow dryer helps out with the wrinkles.

If I can't ride this weekend maybe I'll attempt to put them on.

When I as a kid I use to help my dad install decals on semis.Ford,Pepsi,things like that.Put a semi in a trailer yard,wind blowind,87 degrees and a 3ft by 5 ft decal can be intimidateing.The sides of the trailers use to get quite hot.We use to take soapy water and wipe them down.One to cool the working surface and the soap to give us the working time.You get the idea,same theory as already mentioned.You can get by without the hair dryer just give it time to dry before you rip through the woods.To clean the surface give it a quick swipe with laquer thinner.It"ll dry in about 10 seconds and all the grease will be gone from the surface.Don"t rub any on the surface of your graphis or you could damage them.Good luck

I used a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar two days ago on my CR graphics. Worked great and once evaporated, the stickers are looking great.

Soapy water works good. The aftermarket graphics (n-style) are thick and feels like it won't stick but it will.

The stock graphics are a pain to get off since they are very thin and cheap.

I hope my hold on the Rad graphics were a tight fit.. they seemed too small at first but once curved and stretched and lined they fit.

Just soapywater it up and slide it in place and start to hairdry it.

Work your way around.

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