DMV questions

Help, I want to purchase my used CRF from myself to get it registered in cali. when i put my daulsport kit on in nev. the clerk had me sell the bike to myself in order to cancel out my off road title and issue me an on road title. Can't i just do the same thing in cali? close out my nev. reg. and buy the bike from myself as used? please help. :)

If its allready registered in Nevada I would think you could just bring it in and register it like you just moved here. If not then sell it to a family member and have them register it. Then buy it back in a few months.

You should just be able to transfer title to ca. If it is registered on road in nev. then it should register as on road here when you transfer title.

I have posted this before, It needs to be a used vehicle, and has to street plated from another state, and also has to have over 7500 miles on a non resettable odometer. I can help you out with the odometer parts if you needd


Do they inspect or verify the odometer?

A DMV employee will look at it. Hard to say if they know it works or not.

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