28th Annual SNOW CHICKEN

Attention Michigan riders.

This Saturday at Peacock Motorsports near Baldwin Michigan is the Snow Chicken. Its a 45 mile trailride in the snow. Ya can run Quads or bikes. But Studs will be required cause its gonna be slippery.

It starts Saturday at 10:00. $10 signup fee.

Get outta the house and ride.

the ride is on 3/15 right I would love to ride. This is open to all correct? I have studs and i'm ready to ride glad to hear there are other people like me others called me crazy when i took a old tire and put 110 snowmoble studs in the rear because I blow out the srew in kind. If its open to all I will be there.

Yep the ride is on 3/15. Its open to all. Starts at 10:00 am. But people are coming and going all morning. Its just a friendly trailride.

There will probably be like 50 riders.

Ill be there around 9:30. Green Jeep wrangler/brown softop. Black flatbed trailer w/ black box on it. Bike #445.

We stage out back of Peacock Motorsports on US-37.

$10 entry fee. But you really dont need to pay to ride. Just if you want munchies and (Adult beverages) afterwards.

I'll be there se you sat. morning I have a green Grand Cherokee and a snowmoble trail with 1 big red Honda on it.

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