ufo rear fender w/directionals installation

my dealer called and basically told me he couldn't install this on my '02 400s. Anyone used the ufo universal fender extension w/built in brake light and turn signals? Dealer said it would require extensive "cutting and modification". With alot of time involved.That's why I didn't try it myself in the first place.

Is this the one you are talking about? PIC

It went on pretty easy. I just cut out two holes in the UFO light to fit the tabs on the fender through. Drilled a couple of holes to zip tie it to the subframe. That's it.

Oh yeah, I made a spacer to push it tight against the fender, but don't think that is really nessasary.

Lots of people here have done it. Your dealer sucks! You can do it.



If I can do it, you can do it!

Email me at dan.riess@turner.com

I'll send you a bunch of pictures of installed version with precise installation directions from several TT members. It takes a little elbow grease but you can do it. Plus, you'll learn more about your bike :)

yeah spoon thats the one.

NYCdrz, sent you an e-mail thursday,thanks.

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