'03 Clutch Basket Bearing worn out after 20 hrs!

A friend of mine has an '03 CRF with about 20 hrs. The bike is mint condition and he maintains the bike very well. The bike has never been ridden hard nor has he abused the clutch. He's using the red bottle HP racing tranny oil 80/85, and this past weekend the clutch side started making lots of noise. Monday he pulled the Clutch cover off and upon inspection found the basket to be lose and/or wobbly. He removed the pressure plate, plates, and disks. They all seem to look good and in new condition. He then removed the inner hub and found scratch marks on the back of it. We could clearly see the bearing was worn or defective. The crank does not seem to have any play. The dealer asked him to re-assemble and re-torque everything, but the basket still wobbles. Dealer has ordered a new bearing and bushing. Anyone else having these types of problems, or is this just an isolated case? Is there anything we should know or check for, before replacing the parts? Any help would be great. Thanks.....

!st Ive heard of it. Mine has at least double the hours your friend's has and no clutch problems or rattles to speak of. I do run mine pretty hard.

Same here, I have at least 40 hours on mine and it is working great.....I too use the red Honda 80w90 gear oil or Belray Gear Saver....

Yeah, my '02 must be near 150 hrs now. I've never even had to adjust a valve. Just add gas and ride. Knock on wood!

Oh, over a 100 hrs of that is on Mobile 1 red cap!

lots of hours on mine, no trouble, honda hp

Does it wobble in and out or side to side and how much does it move? Some in and out play is normal, almost any side to side play is not good.

No, it's not in and out. Side to side.

Check the inside of the clutch cover for surface damage - maybe there was a hit to the cover that bent the clutch shaft?

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Subject: Re: '03 Clutch Basket Bearing worn out after 20 hrs!

Check the inside of the clutch cover for surface damage - maybe there was a hit to the cover that bent the clutch shaft?

This is what my friend has to say.

Yes, the basket moves side to side but the inter clutch does not move at all and it is mounted onto the some shaft at it's outer most point. There are also rub marks between the basket and the inter clutch. There is a washer between the two parts.

I dont think its an engineering breech. The clutch hub on my YZ had the steel spline come loose in the aluminum casting and cause basically the same thing.

Sometimes stuff just breaks. :)

my basket is shot after only 9mo. but i do kind of abuse the clutch.the waves in it are makeing the clutch pull hard as hell.

He took it to the dealer for an inspection. Dealer said to put it back to together and just ride it! :)

What was the noise like that tipped you off to this problem? Did the noise happen all the time while the engine was running, whether the bike was in gear or not, moving or not? Just curious what to listen for, just in case....

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