Central PA Tower City and Paragon

These two places are great. Tower City is about 9000 acres with an MX track right next door. You need to be a member or ride with one.


Paragon is also great. You don't need to be a member and you can take you Jeep on certain trails as well.


If you like tight rocky trails ( with other terrain as well ) these are great places to check out.


Hey, I wanted to ask a question. I've been to Rausch Creek and I think its a sweet track. I wanna check out TC, but was wondering if you can actually ride the bikes to the TC area, or is it a little bit of a drive?

Not anymore you can't, unless we get that part of the land back. But they did'nt wanted you to ride from one to the other anyway. And of coarse you would have to be a member of T.C.T.R.I. to do that.

You can ride at TC if you know a member and pay $30 for the day. Give me an e-mail sometime and I would be glad to show you the place.


While there are paths, you would be breaking the rules at both RC and TC if you did it.

There are a boat load of trails at Tower City and many miles between the two places - I wouldn't want to try getting from one to the other without someone familiar with the trail system.

Wow, just thinking about it has me wanting to go up there and ride.

Thanks. Definatly, I'll be dropping you an email. How are the conditions out there as far as remaining snow/mud at TC? I cant wait to get out there!!

No more snow, but lots of water coming off the mountain(which makes lots of mud) :). I was up on Sun. and some campsites are now creeks:crazy:


Hey Hitman, fellow Tower City Rock Chuck-er, how's it going.

TT Members:

Moderator Bill and I ride at Tower Often. Drop a PM if your looking for a ride.


Sounds good, I have rode with Bill,NHKevin,Mike68,Mcarp and some others from here. But I don't get to ride very much with Bill for as close as he is, I always seem to ride on different days than he does. We will all have to get together for some rides this year.

I have been working on getting my (free)camper ready to take up there to stay this year, it will be nice to have a home away from home. Can't wait for the big weekends, long rides and sitting by the camp fire(oh yeah, can't forget drinking BEER!). Give me an e-mail if you are heading up, and maybe we can get together. yz426f@msn.com

Talk to ya later!


I am goint up to TC this easter weekend. I have a campsite at the top of the hill. I know the trails pretty good but find new stuff all the time.

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