Numb (Hand's) HELP

Any suggestion's to relieve numb hand's? Running Pro taper bars YZ low's, Scott's triple clamp with stabilizer??? :)

My old waffle style grips would do that to me, ever since I switched to renthal full diamonds, soft, it dont happen anymore. Better grip IMO anyhows. :) Or don't hold on as tight if you can.

I'm just guessing here........strapping up your gloves to tight, seriousely!?.?.?.?.

Dodger :):D

A buddy got me a dynaball, its a ball with a gyroscope in side it. Its used to exercise the hands and forearms, and amazingly it does a good job for working out the hand and forearm and can be done anywhere. I use it here and there for a few minutes at a time and found it has strengthened my grip and helped with arm pump, which can cause numb hands.

My buddy saw it advertised in a magazine called Musicians friend, I guess guitar players need to exercise the hands too. Also also had a friend pick one up at Big Five Sporting goods.

Try to notice how you holding on! Try to keep your wrists straight!, when they are bent your ligaments are binding,you have less gripping strength when your hands are bent up or down STRAIGHT WRISTS!

When I get numb hands it reminds me to hang on with my knees.

If I still get numb hands I start tweaking my bike to get it to turn better, ie sag, wheel base, tire pressure, and pulling the forks up.

If I am fighting to get my bike to turn I get dead hands quicker.

Just my 02c.

I second the grips. I've had trouble with some of the medium compounds. Also watch the way you are holding on to the bars. I try to make myself flex the hands as I ride. All good advise for you in this post. :)

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