Sidi SRS = Slippery Foot Pegs

I was out riding yesterday and having a hard time keeping my feet on the pegs. When I looked at my pegs, the "teeth" were pretty beat up. It occurred to me that the screws on the bottom of my Sidi SRS boots are probably beating the pegs up pretty good. I'm going to put silicone over the screws (this will protect the screws as well and keep dirt out) to slow this down a bit. I also took a file to the teeth on the pegs to sharpen them up a bit. I have Fastway F3's, is it better to file the teeth or screw new ones in? I'm guessing the old one's will be tough to get out considering the red-loctite I used when I put them in.....

My F3's are worn too. They are very easy to get out. The screws are standard set screws, I don't know the size though. All you need is to find the screws somewhere and replace them. By the way I wear Sidi's SRS as well.

I found the fastway pegs are slippery in general when exiting turns due to foot positioning. You really need to alter the way you hold your foot on the pegs compared to the standard pegs.

I use sidi srs and fastway pegs too, I also agree that it is a little slippery. I think I might file the screws on the pegs to grip a little better

filing the screws won't help. If you look at the peg you will notice the screws are to far back from the front of the peg. So as soon as you get right up the front of the bike it pitches your foot on such an angle that it is sitting on the front of peg where there are no screws, therefor it slips of to the outside. What they really need to do is out the screws in on such an angle that they slightly protrude past the front of the peg. The peg is just about designed in such a way that you need to have your foot flat on the peg to make the most of it.

Good luck getting thhose screws out after red lockiting them. You're gonna have to get them real hot to break the locktite grip. I'd toss them in the oven turn it up to Max. High heat breaks the stuff down.

I've banned re-locktite from my garage! That stuff has caused me way more trouble than I care to remember (or admit).

When I put the screws in my pegs I just put a dab of silcone on the threads.

Use a propane torch and leave them on the bike! :)

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