powernow and dsp airbox

Does anyone know if they make a powernow to fit with the DSP carbonfiber airbox? What is the part #?


Well DSP doesn't answer e-mails or the phone so I can't find out through them.

I just YZ timed my bike and installed the yosh pipe with spark arrester. It seems to be slightly quieter then the stock WR with the bafle removed. It also has alot more power and is about 5 pounds less then the stock exhaust. I also put a #48 pilot jet and the clip on the main is in the 4th position. Bike ran great. Maybe next week i'll get it on the track to really test it out.

Unless the DSP air box replaces the intake bell you can install a Power Now bell or mod. your existing one.


HA HA, thats a great one man. That movie is the best :)

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