RC on a CRF for the nationals??

Just read this on Mototalk, posted by TFS:

(You didn't hear this from me)

Honda's semi is at RC's place in Florida and they are testing a special RC-spec CRF450 for the nationals this summer. Even a year ago at Daytona, RC said he wouldn't mind racing one at a few of the tracks where Ferry pulls him on the hills like Glen Helen and Millville. They have had more time to refine what they want to do and I would say Honda is pretty serious about seeing RC on it for at least part of the nationals.

Once he sews up the SX series with a comfortable margine, I'd like to see him SX a CRF. that would be awsome.

I'll believe it when I see it!

I would like to see him on it outdoors too. He toyed with it last year on and off, but with the streak,the backlash would have been great had he rode the 450 and did not win and thus,ended the streak. Can't blame him there. I will also believe it when I see it this year. I can just see him crash and strugle to get it re-lit. Us 4 stroke guys know that a fast restart is not a sure thing every time.It's just something you have to deal with sometimes.

I heard in a magazine that he said he would be experimenting with the CRF for a few national races

There was also talk of Preston riding the Thumper for Nationals, that would be cool. That little 1-2-5 just isn't enough for the big man on the outdoor tracks. I just love standing along the fence at Millville when a big thumper rips by!!

I can just see it. Tim Ferry vs Ricky Carmichle.

RC pulls the whole shot oh wait here comes Ferry he is making a charge.... Ohhhhh down go's RC due to TF rear wheel. 29 minutes later....... Tim Ferry takes the checkered while Ricky struggles to refire his beast. :)

Just kidding. lol It will be closer than that. :D

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