Cycra Pro-bends for an 06 YZ450F

I am looking to buy the Cycra Pro-bends for my 06 YZ450F. In looking at the models on RockyMountainMC, there are none specifically listed for this year. There are models showing up for other years, but not 06.

The bike has the stock pro-taper bars and I'm looking for the sturdier (metal center bar) handguards that drop down slightly below the handles.

Does anyone know which model would be the best fit? Other sites show models that fit the 06 but none of them sync up with the models on RMC. I'm a sucker for RMC's loyalty program so I'd prefer to buy from them :-)

I run Pro-Bends on mine with the U-Mounts for Pro-Taper bars (0635-0381 in the Parts Unlimited catalog, through the TT Store). I don't run the stock bars, though, and I have no idea why anyone would want to, but that's your choice. Mine are Windhams.

Alternatively, you could run the "Solution Mounts" (0635-0385 for the complete kit, or 0635-0400 for the mounts separately).

In order to get them to fit exactly the way I wanted them to, I had to do a little bending. If that comes up for you, remember not to bend across a drilled hole.

This is great info - thanks for the detailed reply.

At the risk of derailing my own post, what are the benefits of aftermarket handlebars? I am an intermediate rider on tracks and trails and have always felt pretty comfortable with stock handlebars. That said, I'd love to find out the stock bars have been holding me back somehow.

Stock bars in general are neither good nor bad; they fit some people, and some they don't.

But the stock bars on the '06 YZ450 have been criticized by almost everyone as being way too low, and the minimum recommendation I've seen for raising them is 10mm. I raised mine 18mm with the Windham's. The trouble is that unless you are a very small individual, they have your arms at a significant down angle even in the seated position, and actaully discourage you from moving as far forward as you should when cornering.

In the standing position, again, unless you're really short, they have you reaching down and bending excessively to reach them, and since the grip position on shorter bars is usually farther back than with tall ones, the also force you to lean back and "hang" from them to get behind them far enough for good steering leverage.

For reference, my perspective on this is that of an older rider standing 5'10", with longish arms for my height. Without rewriting the whole thing, here's the benefit I got from going to the Windham bend from a set of Henry/Reed bars, which are already 10mm higher than stock '06 bars. Bar fit depends a lot on personal preference, so no rule applies across the board, but just the same....:

Thanks again for the detailed reply. This bike is new to me - by new I mean I am buying it tomorrow - so I'll keep this in mind if the bars don't feel like a good fit. It sounds like you are built similar to me so I may have the same issues with the stock bars.

Back to my original question - I looked up the part number (0635-0381) you had mentioned on the TT store. Do you know if that is for the mount-only? If so, it seems awful pricey just for mounts.

The ...0381 is the complete package with the U-mounts, guard bars, bar ends, bumpers, and "natural" hand shields included, on page 582. The U-bends alone are 0635-0393, on the next page. If you want a different color shield, you have to get them separately.

I would suggest buying the kit with triple clamp mounts... much sturdier IMO. I don't run the Cycra's, but I see no reason why they shouldn't fit... maybe some slight tweaking necessary. I run Windham's with 10mm risers, Acerbis Rally Pro's and GYT-R triple clamp mounts.

I've always run the RallyPros and like them but I like the way the Cycra's drop down below the handle. It seems like that would be less risky as far as wrist injuries. Thanks for the feedback.

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