2002 CRF450R engine FOR SALE - Only 20 hours!!!

I am selling the engine out of my 2002 CRF450R. I am doing this because I have never tried to sell a bike this way. I should have the pictures up and running on ImageStation in the next hour. Let me know if anyone is interested. It is in perfect condition and just had its first tune not too long ago. You can leave me a message at my e-mail address if you'd like. It is pger1@aol.com



If anyone know s of someone who might be interested, please contact me. Thanks!

Might help if you told people what the price is.

These motors go on ebay all the time. The quad guys eat them up. You should be able to $2k easily. Good luck.

$2000?? I was hoping more like 3000 or 3100.

They sell for $3600 new w/o a carb. You should be able to get at least 3k with the carb.

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