Whats the Best SUPER MOTOR?

If money was not a problem, which Stock Super Moto would you get?

If it had to be stock, I'd go Vertemati.


KTM 660 race replica :)

Definitly KTM 660 factory replica

If money is not the problem?Why stock.CRF 450 is a good way to go.

NOX, nothing else !!

Laurent #14

I'll second that!!! Husky NOX.

Goddess of the Night! :)

Husky NOX...but their not available anymore so it would have to be an Iddon prepared Husaberg 650. :)

i would rather build one, then it is more "yours" and is totaly your set up.

now having said that, i would trade my drz and my life for any of the above bikes. :D:)


I would say the Vertemati 600. Only because I love supermoto and spaghetti too!!

I really hope the Japanese are watching this sport. It would be a great way to market motocross bikes for more than just motocross.

I can't wait to get my DRZ is all set up for street and supermoto. However, I think that if you want to REALLY get serious about racing you need to covert a 4 stroke MX bike or buy a ready made unit from the euro's.

Money not an issue? Husky NOX, or the KTM. I'm not talking about the over the counter Katoom either, go for the full zoot factory Lc4 660 supermoto (about 20 large if you can find one). The Huskies and the KTM's rule in Europe.

If you want a NOX, you can find them used on the internet. I've seen several of them (some never ridden). You have to look pretty deep. Most go for around 10k.

I'm in the process of building what has got to be the most faithfull homage to the essance of supermoto (having the most fun you can with your clothes on). The bike? 2003 Honda XR50r. Just TRY to have more fun. :) P.S. I'm converting my WR450 also. It will be street legal(sort of) and a track day bike.

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