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montanaWR250F's "Yamabeem"

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Here is his note:

Re: Full Metal Jacket Moto

Here are the pictures of my "Yamabeemer." It is an 1986 Yamaha XT350 that

started out brand new and has now become my Frankenstein. I ruined the front

end in a 50 mph get off and was replaced with KTM upside down forks and

wheel. The front has been lowered to 8" of travel and the rear has a Works

shock that has been lowered to match and a TT350 wheel replacing the stocker

due to old age. I broke the frame at the headset in MX and that was

re-welded with a little more rake. I put on a 4 gallon Clarke tank for DP

and have a TT350 tank for moto. Added the BMW emblems before they ever made

the "Funduro" BMW/Aprilia F650 pile and increased the resale value too!

These mods were all pre-Motard to get the bike to be more old-school dirt

track lower center of gravity. Over the years this bike was raced for two

years in MX (and won) and National Hare and Hound events (and won again) and

now is retired to true Dual/Sport mode.

The bike now sports BMW side bags and racks and my "factory mechanic" has

made me a mount for my new 14" chainsaw (think: Monster Garage.) The

yamabeemer is set up for trail maintenace and is fully equipped to go around

the world with tools, tubes, pump, army shovel, hand saw and the all

important duct tape. During the winter I run a set of tires with minimal car

stud inserts so I can ride it on the street. I spray painted the wheels

black to look like Ricky Carmichael's Pro Curcuit KX-125 and the pile

started up this morning sitting outside all nite in 10 degree weather.

Last note: I am an avid mountain bike rider (1986 malcolm smith hardtail-

yah baby) and the pics don't show the bike rack that attached to the rear

subframe. With this setup I can moto to the choicest trails that take a

normal mt biker hours to get to and is a nice conversation piece when I stop

at gas stations and brothels.

good times,


Here are his pics:

chopper XT - cool chopper dude! :) How is it in the dirt? :D :D

Yamabeem front, yes folks that IS a chain saw!

Yamabeem rear view

Steve on Yamabeem

Those guys in Montana are, umm - what's a nice word here... imaginative :D

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