Wildlife topic/ To those who replied

Oatmeal, relax dude, if you go re-read your post your two examples were directed at the same peron. Why don't you post what "Mr." 420 posted about me???

Have fun and ride, that's what it's all about. You have a hard on out for me Oatmeal and thats ok, I have been on top in my career for a while so I'm used to that as everybody shoots at the top. Your attempt at getting me kicked off the board didn't work either. So again, if I don't direct comment towards you, I would appreciate it if you don't direct any towards me.

Is this the YZ board ??? It sure sounds like it.

Boys, boys, boys. I started the wildlife post and am not sorry to have done so. My intent was the evoke cool wildlife/ridin' stories because this board has been quite dull of late. Looks like I remedied that. Point taken that we should all think of what we share here. BUT RELAX!!!!

If you don't like what is here you have the choice to not participate. If you like what is here, join in..........period.

If you want to share wildlife/ridin' stories please add it the other post, I've been enjoyin' them. If you have any INTENTIONAL death and carnage, most of us are not interested.

Let's get back to havin' fun and for those a little to wound up.............GO RIDIN'!!!! :) TC

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We kill animals for lots of reasons. They're animals for goodness sakes. But no one here, in seriousness, is going to intentionally kill non-varmit animals with a dirt bike.

If a guy in Idaho kills a fox in the henhouse, fine. I have a lot less concern about this than chasing deer with a dirt bike. Just concern, his business not mine. Might mention it but I don't have a place telling him what he should do.

I do think it matters how the public perceives us. I think the commercial for the video game that started this family of posts is bad for our image. It's not the devil incarnate, but I wish they wouldn't advertise it. Or even publish it. Again, just a wish.

Torturing animals is sick. Killing animals just for the fun of running them down is sick. Chasing animals on a dirt bike isn't torture but its a distant cousin. If there's a reason to kill an animal, I don't care how you do it but more humanely is better than less humanely every time.

Its not a crime just because an animal dies,


Mark, I never I said I had issue with him killing a thieving fox. I have issue with him stating he uses his dirtbike to hunt animals even out of season.

Team Oatmeal,

between you and me, in regard to YZN's response to your post.......Denial ain't just a river in Egypt!!



I don't know that you guys are talking about; I was just talking about naked girls. I thought everyone liked naked girls??? :D:):D

My mistake,


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ThumpinCanuck; Someone should share at least ONE funny, you-hadda-be-there story:

Sky Man was 6 and rippin' around the yard on his Cobra. Me and my buddy are wrenchin' on the truck. Over the chainsaw-on-steroids noise of his 50cc racer, we suddenly heard Sky whoopin' and gigglin' up a storm.

There he is, full-throttle, stayin' right on the zig-zagging cottontail of the rabbit that he chased out of the garden. A VERY difficult thing to do. There is dense timber all around our yard, so the bunny could end the game anytime, but he seems to like it as much as making my 14 year-old dog kill himself. After 2 1/2 laps around the house, he heads for the trees.

Suddenly, out of a patch of weeds, springs our 3 lb killer-of-a-cat like a ninja leopard!

Nails the bigger-than-herself bunny in midair! A split second later, they (still in midair) are creamed by boy and machine! ALL went flying! Bunny, boy and cat are all fine, by the way.

Should explain a couple things: We have dozens of rabbits in our yard every evening. Since he was 2, Sky has been determined to catch one. There is probably STILL a salt shaker or two on the front porch ( I told him that sprinkling a little on the bunny's tail was the way to do it when he was very young and trusting, same as my Grandad did for me...).

Same kid has "raised" several of them and released them after I hit their nests with the weedeater ( not too pretty ). Same boy spends hours stalking and hunting them, during season, with everything from bow&arrow to slingshot to weapons and traps of his own invention.

Cat still kills more. Cat is also 'fair game' for the mighty hunter and his arsenal of nerf guns. Still too many bunnies.

Kids and cats and bunnies...all a very natural combination. Lighten-up everyone! :)

Madpotter, you have pm.

YZNVegas and all members who read this post,

I apologize for my previous post which should have been directed at another Thumpertalk member. I was confusing posts with authors and made the mistake of not getting my facts straight before opening my big mouth. :) I feel like an a$$ and deserve whatever flogging I receive.

YZN, check your pm.

My apologies,



Madpotter, just like my pm said, you are big man to admit your mistake.

You have my respect sir.

Can I ask a simple pimple question to Vegas without you rhetorical return?

Do you suffer from some sort of disorder?

Vegas, I am sorry but you post your position about everything and everything. It is getting real old to here you start with your degrading remarks to other forum posters. You take everything out of context stretch it to meet you personal agenda (What ever that is) and then back off when challenged with the truth.

That’s a description of a Troll; ya start it and just add to the aggravation.

Now that’s my opinion and nothing more, so go ahead and start your typical egodunmbhole remarks and rhetoric with your typical replies as

"Ego Wrote" Blah Blah Blah

"Yznvegas" wrote Blah Blah Back

Geez man you Fruit O-D Looms are a bit too tight

Racemile got it right on the nail head YIP YIP YIP

NewRiver makes a point Vegas, and I think if you were to read into some of those that post more then what they said, you have a problem with comprehension. LweiChis is a character and makes remarks like this all the time, if you knew his online persona and understood that, maybe you would not get so "Hissy". I found nothing in this posts and its replies out of line, I found it funny, personal and informational. But Vegas you started mud slinging again, and honestly you sir ruined the post, for that I have no respect SIR

Bill you will probably get upset with me again, so I appolgies now for something I dont think I should be appologizing for

[ September 08, 2002, 08:43 AM: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Sorry outside of my rant I thnk valid points too Encinitas, CA

I am no Porponent for the other side at all. Accidents happen, I have hit by accident animals in the desert and in the woods so have cars, hitting giant antlered rats (Deer). But the point is, yes we as comminuity of riders should take an active role in understand the problem.

Eco Nazi's of all flavors have tactics including readin forums for information for there cause. Although remarks made in this forum can be taken comletely out of context and used against us. I think that we need to understand that this is a war, declared by the other side to ride us from the landscape. With that I have nothing more to add.

[ September 08, 2002, 10:43 AM: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

yea well my mom can beat up yor mom.

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