Hollister Hills CA forumla 100 four stroke race

Hollister is having a the Phantom Scrambles this Sunday at the upper ranch. We need some 100-150 four strokes for the Forumla 100 class. I did the XC national at Hollister and it was fun till I flated.

Is this on the upper mx track or area 5 in between the lower and upper? Is it a hare scramble, if so what time. thanks, Matt

It is at the upper ranch

I would love to take the CRF150 and do the Hollister HS, but I'm already running my 520 in race 3, if I could do it in another race I would... Although I would have liked to prep it a bit more first (like knobbier tires for the wet conditions). I hope to see a group of CRF150's out there.

William Ow

Santa Cruz, Ca


Unibrow!!!!! Can I assume you're in touch with who's running this race? Let's cut to the chase. I want to race. I'm in Walnut Creek and my bro is in San Leandro. We have a couple CRF150's and we want to mix it up with all the other CRF150er's!!! My work phone is 925-251-2218 and email is toneconsultant@lycos.com. If you're the guy I need to talk to or if you know who I can talk to, fill me in!!!

P.S. I'll share some news for you. I think the guys name was Reger, but I met this guy at Pennisula Honda and he said he was going to be releasing a bunch of hop-up part for the CRF150. He's in your neck of the woods. Scott's Valley. His triple clamp was $160. That's not too bad.

Hey boys, Johnnyrotten and Raycobiker have 150's and we want to go rip it up also , Please post complete info! :):D

toneconsultant- Man the race was a mud fest I had fun. We sometimes get a good group of 100 riders out at Laguna Seca. I hope they get insurance and open up soon.

I have talked to Reger and he has done a lot of neat things with XRs and TTR's. I can't wait to see what he comes up with for the CRF150.

So you know of this Reger guy. Nice. I saw a few of his bikes and he's in to it. He showed me a CRF150 engine in a CR80 frame. What fun.

So it was a mud fest huh? That's funny. Laguna Seca is a bit far for me to go (I'm in Walnut Creek), but if you ever hear of or get a bunch of guys together, email me at toneconsultant@lycos.com. I'll try to show up.

P.S. For all you NoCAL dudes, Mutant Motorsports is having a 7 race series. The 5th race is at Club Moto in Livermore. The following two races are at Hollister. I know my wife won't let me do the practice on Sat. and then race on Sunday. I'm however, going to try to go to the practice on the sat. of the 6th race and then maybe I'll get a chance to race the finale 7th race. (I'll take whatever she'll give me). Anyway, check out Mutant Motorsport's website (just do a search). It should be fun. I'm the CRF150 with the #17 on it.

Come ut to Hollister Hills practice day @ the G.P. track Saturday March 22nd. We'll dominate the mini practice. Reger just did a TTR150 for me. I pulled the holeshot @ the hare scrambles last week. This thing RIPS!!! Reger's a great guy, Very knowledgeable,and fairly priced.

Later, Robert

"Come ut to Hollister Hills practice day @ the G.P. track Saturday March 22nd." I have to admit, I don't know which track is which. I'm going to Metcalf or Hollister tomorrow. If you see a number #17, say hello. I usually park by the track by the entrance. I think that's the TT track, but don't quote me on that. I'll ask my brother if he knows anything about the G.P. track. I thought all the cool tracks were closed to the public. Oh well. I might just have to find out. P.S. My brother's bike is number #16.

Langley :)

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