Trailtech flywheel and electrex don't fit!

I don't know how many others have run into this problem, but when I tried to install the Trailtech +9oz flywheel with the electrex stator I found the allen screws supplied with the stator interfered with the flywheel by at least .120 inches. I tried the stock screws and the side cover went on, but the screws still rubbed the flywheel. I loc-tited the screws and ground heads slightly towards the center. This could really screw your engine up if you just slapped it all together and hoped for the best. No indications in the installation instructions for either Trailtech or Electrex that there could be interference. Anyone else run into this?

I had a bad experience with electrex last year! the screws they supplied rubbed on the side cover and wouldn't let the motor turn over. I sent the hole kit back and had to wait until aug. for the baja designs kit to be released.I haven't purchased a fly wheel yet until i get my registration worked out. I am still trying to get a Ca. plate? The directions didn't even have any instuctions from electrex. :)

I beleive the problem is mainly with the thicker electrex stator. Allen cap screws just make it worse, and then maybe the flywheel uses up even more space. After grinding some clearance on the screws I had to power wash the cover to make sure all the grit was removed. It all went together in the end and worked, but.... you better know what your doing when you put the electrex stator in. Use some machinists blue or a felt pen to mark the inside of the flywheel around the base of the spindle and the stator screws. DON'T FORCE THE COVER ON IF IT DOESNT SEEM TO FIT. Even if it does, bolt in on, turn the engine over a couple times, disassemble and check the screws for contact. You can decide for yourself if you want to do a little grinding or not. If you do, take the cover completely apart and wash it good. I used a power-washer with hot soapy water, then blew it dry with compressed air.

Just looking at the electrex stator, I would have to say it probably came from China and does not have the quality look and feel of the Japaneese stator I took out. The Trailtech flywheel on the other hand, looks like a high quality piece of work.

Oh well, it's all history for now. I just wanted to give fair warning to anyone else doing the same thing.

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