A couple of questions for all you smart guys

1. When I purchased my bike (used 01 400) the bike already had a weld mounted Scotts Damper post. I of course used that as a great excuse to buy a damper for it :) The question is, if I change to 18MM offset clamps will the post still work in its currently mounted position? Would be tough to move it. Also, since it is welded on, can I still move my handlebars forward and back for comfort or am I confined to the current setup?

2. My old bike (00 380EXC) had pro tapers and I had the EE style handguards. The new bike has the gold stock bars (I guess they are Maguras) and the handguard clamps from the old bike don't seem to fit right...I guess I thought the tapers on Maguras and Pro Tapers were the same. Are they different? Do I need different clamps?

Thanks guys, I look forward to your responses.

The pivot on the damper needs to line up over the center of the stem. When in doubt call Scott's, they've seen it all!

I just put Motonation Wackers on my 2003 EXC, they use diffent clamp kits for Magura and ProTaper.

If you want to move your bars to a different position you have to buy a different top bar clamp. The difference in the four offset positions is the location the mounting holes and grove for the dampener that are machined into the top bar clamp.

When I bought my 18mm offset clamp set I bought the Scotts because I already had their dampener and I wanted to be certain everything lined up.

Other brands of clamps may do this as well but I only wanted to have to call one place (Scotts) if I had a problem.

The hand guard clamps are different between magura and pro taper. You need the proper clamps for your bar. The pro taper clamps will mount to the maguras but will move too easy.

Instead of buying different hand guard clamps from EE for a different bar, you can do as I've done and mount the inside of your handguards to mounts that go to the pinch bolts on the top of your aftermarket top triple clamp. Its a more secure way to mount the handguards IMO.

Hi Chris,

This is my old bike so I know the answers. :) Remember that the damper has to remain lined up over the center of the steering stem no matter what triple clamps or bar position you use. That's why you have to buy a different top bar clamp if you want to move your bars forward or backwards. When you keep that in mind, you can see that the tower and damper relationship stays constant no matter what. So, no, you will not have to move the tower. I used that tower for my Scott's damper with both the stock clamps and the 18mm Scott's that I had on the bike.

There's a cool top clamp over at http://www.dirttricks.com that will accept the damper for any of the four stock KTM handlebar location, BTW.

If you do get 18's, make sure they have the pinch bolts in front, like the Scott's, so you can run the inner BB mounts that ditchwitch is talking about. That's the same setup I ran on it.

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