What to look for?

It's time to check the valves on my 03-CRF450R. I'm not a gear head by nature, but can figure most things out by trial and error. I've done the basic maintenance like oil, oil filter, tranny, air filer change on a regular basis and have about 20 to 25 hours logged on the motor. I need guidence as to what I'm supposed to look for while checking the valves. I have read all the threads on this subject as well as the owners manual, but no one really touched on the subjuct on how to do it. I'm new to 4 strokes so I'm not sure on what to look for and how to correct. I have a feeler gauge to check the clearences, but what do I do if I'm lose or tight on the valves? Shim? What does it mean to Shim? Can someone take me step by step. You can call me toll free or I can call you, or just reply here. If you want to call me just reply & I'll give you the number. Thanks!

With all the expertise on this board not one of you can help me?

Give the forum overnight and you will probably get some responses. Also, it sure seemed like some of those older threads went through a lot of step-by-step. I was going to go back and re-read them when I got ready to check my clearances again.

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