Superbike Handlebars for DRZ Super Motard...

I need to buy some taller bars (and sell my bar relocators BTW) to make room for a steering damper. Last night I realized that I had a brand new "Superbike" bar that I never installed on my ZRX1100. It looks like it could be a decent fit layout wise but it doesnt have a crossbar. It has a very thick wall section that looks to be at least 3/16" thick so it seems to be pretty rigid despite the lack of crossbar. I'm way over my SM budget already so I'd rather not purchase a new bar if it's not really nessasary. So I'm wondering about the feasabilty of using this one. Has anyone done this and/or what do you think about doing it? Think it would look strange without a crossbar?



I had a K&N superbike bar (steel)on the KX500 and it work sorta ok. The area where they bolt to the triple clamps was a tad to narrow for the hold down, but, it worked. I have since gone to an AFAM Superbike bar which is aluminum and mo-better in the clamping area. Hand guards my be tough to fit in the bar ends. On the DRZ supermoto im using my Pro Tappers. I think the Superbike bend has a tad to much pull back for me. I like the rise.

They seem like they would mount up good and I'll just have to see how they feel. Do you know if using superbike bars if fairly common in SM or is this sort of "out there"...?

There only a couple of choices when it comes to superbike bars, the K&Ns, and the AFAMs (which are a little pricy, yet nice.) The only other choice for superbike bars is through Kawasaki for the bars off a 1982-83 Eddie Lawson KZ1000R or Suzuki for tha bar off a 1980-81 GS1000S. I think most supermotos us dirt bars because they are easier to get.

Thanks a lot for all the info. I’m just glad that I can try to save a little money and that this is something that’s not unheard of in SuperMotard racing. Actually I think it may end up looking pretty cool!

Thanks again


FYI - I didnt like the SB bars and they looked like they were going to make mounting handgards hard so bought a $16 set of CR-Hi's off of Dennis Kirk. They barely fit as the crossbar rest right on top of my streering damper. But it works and looks good.


FYI, the first time you crash, you're going to find out why steel bars suck, they bend very easy. Buy some Fat Bars or other tapered ones, they will pay for themselves quickly by not bending and they don't have a cross bar.

Hey Jimmy

I may have a set of renthals I might let go. They are on my bike now. I use the Lamson Charmichel bend, they are high and have hardly any pull back so they are very flat also. I have a set of renthal fat bars I will putting on my scoot when I have time to put the new triple clamps on. Let me know if your interested.

Yeah Linco please let me know what you want for them. No hurry. Thanks!


I will PM you when I change my clamps, after spending $1800 I'm sure your in no hurry. I know the feeling, I got my supermoto front brake kit so far, I should see the wheels in the next 2 weeks once I'm done paying for them. :)

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