Laptop software for enduros...

Anyone know of any. Looking to run a couple enduros and am looking for any software to assist in checking riders and scoring. May have access to barcode readers to make it easier.

Any ideas?


you may have to e-mail them with your request. Tag Heuer makes the best timing equipment for many high profile events. They also will rent the equipment if you don't want to buy.

Check out the folks at the TSCEC. I know they've implemented some cool computer based scoring over the last few seasons. Makes life much easier for the riders! :)

I also know of a group who did our e-signup/e-scoring system, called Finish Line. It manages membership information for MX, H/S, and Enduros for over 2,000 competitors. Their are currently testing the RFID transponder technology for H/S, which they will likely be expanding to those other areas as well. They specialize in doing customized work and would probably be able to develop something specialized for you, provided their current product was not to your liking. The also work with other race scoring software. The founder's name is Daniel and seems pretty reasonable on price. His home number is 863-427-1548.

Thanks for the replies. I'll check them out this weekend.

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