Break-in question

I was told by my dealer that I need to bring in my YZ450F after the first hour to have the valves checked/shimmed. Is this needed? Can I say, break it in for the hour, ride that day and then take it in? Sorry, I'm new to 4strokes (first one). I'm ask because this upcomming weekend looks to be the first since winter that I'll be able to ride. I may just take the YZ125 out, if that's the case.

You're probably OK to ride for the day and check the valves when you get home. I know it's not the same exact engine, but my '01 426 has never needed an adjustment, not even after the break in.

My dealer told me when I picked up my 426 to break it in, and bring it in for a valve check after about 6 hours. My valves have never needed adjusting though. I wouldn't worry about it, you should be fine to go enjoy yourself this weekend.

Pound the hell out of it on day one to let your rings set, then pound the hell out of it on your riding day. After that, why not take advantage of a free check up? You'll soon find there's more than one school of thought on the subject of bike break-in. Look it up. I favor the pound the hell out of it approach (that is of course with proper cool down periods in between).

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