Holly 7 lb. seat.

I pulled my seat off and thought this can't be normal my arms are flexed just holding this thing. Brought out the ole scale and she showed 7 lbs. . It deffinately got water logged at the first gncc round.So I figure now would be a good time to put the new seat cover on after putting the foam in the sun and leaving a fan on it at night.Hmm maybe that has little something to do with the weight blues.I wonder if this is going to happen again,and what to do to prevent it.Maybe I should replace it.Ceet seat foam.

I read that those one piece replacement seats (is it ceet or SDG?) are about a pound lighter than the factory unit. It come ready to bolt on. Let us know what u choose!

I wonder what the stock (dry) seat weighs.

I also wonder how it compares to others.

The 7 lbs. must include a couple pounds of water.

I have a Pros Choice gripper seat cover on mine it's always been good (dry) in the rain. I'm, of course, not doing what you do. It's seen some good rain but not an overnighter and a race type test.

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