1998 WR 400 f

I am looking at a 98 WR400f. It seems like a goob bike for a good price. The guy has replaced the stock tank and seat with that of a 2000 YZ426. He said the stock tank was too wide. He has also replaced the rear fender with the YZ fender and has it fitted with an aftermarket tail light assembly with a license plate holder. He has also installed mirrors on the Renthal bars. The bike is licensed for road use in Washington. I intend only to trail ride with the bike. He also said that he has just replaced the clutch basket, plates, spring, and cable. Is there anything in particular that I should know, or ask about this bike. I would assume that you all think this is a good bike, but I'd still like to hear your opinion. I have been riding a YZ250 but do not do much mx track riding anymore.

That bike is crap! Run away! Far away! I am telling you, you want no part of it.

(Crap! Now my buddy has some competition regarding that WR400 that is located in Orting! Crap!) $2500! Are you kidding me?

Awesome deal, now forget about it!

If the price is $2500 and it is in great shape, jump on it :) My friend had(note had) a YZ 250 and comparing it to my 400, mine walked away from it in the woods. And alot else. You won't be disappointed.

C'mon Jekel! Be honest with the guy. The 400's suck!

Has he seen the new 426's and the 450's? Way nicer!

Walk away from that WR400f that is listed on e-Bay! Walk away! You don't want it!

My buddy does!


I thought these bikes were worth like $3000

ha ha ha

Oh yeah! Another brother on a sweet steed! Sorry about that Flattop6,but JimandMargret got a steal!

Good luck on finding another. Great bikes! If you don't need the plate, you can find them cheaper. This one, in Wa State, with a plate, is worth its' weight in GOLD!

Let the good times roll!

Damn ! Damn ! Damn !!! I hope he rides it in to a tree! I tried to steel the auction with 20 seconds left but I came up $50 short. Damn!!! I am of course just kidding about the tree, but maybe a high clif. I am actually looking for a 99 or 2000 if you know of anything available in the Northwest, I'll go up to $3500. I just figured $2500 was too good to pass up. Tell your buddy to enjoy the ride.

Dan D.

Hey Dan,

I know of a couple that are available here, but I think they are a little overpriced. One of the guys working in the local blue shop is selling his 2000, but he is asking around $4,000, and it has no plate.

Honestly, with the 2003 WR450f's now being released, the old 400 prices are dropping. It is unwarranted though, the 400's are STILL great bikes.

That struck me as funny though, when you posted the first one. As soon as I read it, I KNEW that we (you, my buddy and I) were all looking at the same bike! Small world out there.

Anyway, good luck in your search. Keep your eyes open for one with a plate. They don't add much weight, but they sure open up a lot of riding opportunities here in Wa state.

Hope there are no hard feelings, and I hope you end up with one that makes you smile.

Do the throtel stop and the gray wire mod and you will have a great bike there might be others that are faster ligther ar what ever but ther is a faster coumputer some were to . Bottom line , great bike .

Hey Brando,

What's a "plate"?

Dan D.

Sorry about that.

License plate.

I might look a little funny with a plate on my bike during races (Yeah, and I leave my kick-stand on too. I am "One of those guys" :) ) but it is crazy not to have one on your bike here in Wa State.

The ORV riding areas are coming under attack (dedicated funding being directed elsewhere) but if you have that plate, many forest service roads, BLM land, and other State owned land is legal to ride on. (Not JUST ORV parks)

I was referencing that you had said you did not need one, but I was just trying to convince you otherwise.

Hope that helps,

Man, now I wish I would have bid higher on the Orting bike. What has to be done to a WR to get it "plated"?

I found a real clean WR400 in OR for the asking price of $2700. However, it has a YZ rear fender w/o a light. Can any WR get licensed?

Dan D.


That is why finding a used WR, that is PLATED, is such a gigantic find. They are true diamonds! The way current WA legislature, WA state patrol and the D of L are intrepreting things, if a bike does not come from the manufacturer with a plate and a statement "This motorcycle is designed for on-road/highway use" or something like that, you cannot get a plate. Period.

Bottom line is, in WA state (and many others) if your buying a used bike, and want a plate, but the bike is not currently registered, there is NOTHING that you can do to get a plate.

Well, there are a couple of things, like registering it in another state then transfering it back, or other arduous stuff like that. Just keeping you ears low to the ground and waiting for a bike that snuck through, and has a plate, is your best bet. If your bike has a plate on it, they won't take that plate away, but you can't go up and register a used bike.

New bikes off the showroom floor cannot get a plate either. Well, KTM's can, but that is because they don't have a disclaimer on the bike that says whether a bike is designed for street standards, or is strictly meant for off-road travel. Because of this, another buddy of mine bought a new, left-over 2002 KTM EXC400. That can get a plate.

So, if you want a WR, it MUST already have the plate (out of state will transfer in) but you will not be able to plate a used WR that is not currently registered for the street.

I know I just spoke round and round there, but it is a confusing issue.

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