Starter Button Failure

1st race on my new WR 450. Rode to the line, e-buttoned it 5 minutes to go, kicked it at the 2 minute warning-started right up both times.Scootched up near the Gas Cap and watched the banner. Banner drops, hit the button 2 times, NOTHING! Kicked it and it fired, now looking at 70 or so riders 300 yards out and a buch of dust! DAMN!

Mission Yamaha requested I bring it in to examine the "fragged" switch. The flange at the switch base on the grey button broke off, Warranty replacement-NO PROBLEM!

Keep in mind, this is the same Dealer that lapped the Flywheel and Crank for me before I took delivery. About 100 Miles on it and NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM (other than the switch). Consider carefully when you buy your new toy-PRICE IS NOT EVERYTHING! The deal I got from Mission Yamaha was the best in So. Calif. and so far, they support the product they sold. I highly recommend them!

Sound like the old Murphy rule got you. Tough start. But sometimes it is fun to come from behind in dead last. Hope you had fun.

Hey Bob. This post is buried on page # 7 so maybe you won't get this message. On day one when I went to start my WR450 at home I pushed the "magic button", released and the button assembly went flying accross the garage. Having then the first WR450 in Colorado (Jan) the dealer had no stock replacement so we went with a kill switch off an ATV. When given the option to replace with the stock switch I declined. Now, after hearing your story I'm convinced to stay away from the stock switch until next model year. But you're right, a good dealer makes all the difference.

Thanks for the tip!

I was thinking that the stock Kill Switch looks sturdier that the Start Button that came on the Bike.

Even the new button feels kinda cheesy. I imagine that the electrical load is pretty low through the Starter Switch due to the fact that it activates a relay. I am sure the Kill Button would carry the Electrical Load required just fine. I will retro fit a Kill Switch when the replacement button breaks.

Ride on Bob. A kill switch actually closes a circuit - just what the wiring schematic calls for. Wire grade/gauge from a 12 volt/2 amp Yamaha ATV will work fine. In fact, the kill switch for the WR450 will work as well. I thought about carrying a spare switch, but hey I can cross the wires in a pinch just like I was jacking the bike. Makes you think...

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