Making plastics shine again?

Someone very close to me who shall remain nameless other than to say that she lives with me, kindly washed our new motorcycles. This truly was much appreciated but she used the scrubber side of the sponge on the plastics and now they look a bit dull and faded as if they are a couple years old. If you look close, you can see the scrub marks on the plastics. Does anyone know of a way to buff them out a little bit or restore some of the shine. I know this is kind of dumb for a dirt bike that gets messed up anyway. Thing is, I don't mind scratches, but I'd like my plastics to at least look a little newer since I spent so much on the bikes but a few months ago.

Very fine polishing compound, or soft buffing wheel(to remove the scratches), then some mop and glo...

Silkolene Pro Prep. Spray it on and it looks good until you ride it.

Motul Silicone Clean. Works like magic.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Armor-All, and let it sit after spraying it on.

Plastic Renew? Has anybody tried this stuff? I'm in the market for some products as well.


Motorcycle and ATV plastic restoring kit


Gives your bike that showroom shine


Restores at least four complete bikes or two ATV's


Works on any color


Complete kit includes sand paper, steel wool, plastic renew chemical, and applicator towel.

Plastic Renew is a complete plastic restoring kit. Scratches are sanded out first (sandpaper included). After the plastic is prepped, Plastic Renew is applied with a paper towel. 3 to 4 coats of Plastic Renew brings out the brilliant color and shine of new plastic. With Plastic Renew you don’t have to worry about building up or discoloring. This product will not come off from normal washing. If your plastic gets scratched again, just follow the same procedure to restore that like-new shine. Typical motorcycle restoration will only require about one-quarter and ATV about one-half the chemical in this kit.

Applications: All off road motorcycle and ATV plastic. Works on any color.

Suggested Retail: $18.95 each

***Here is the Motocross Action Write Up on This Product***:


When you pop for six grand to buy a new bike, you would like it to look new for longer than one or two moto's. Unfortunately, motocross is a dirty, gritty and rough sport. If you aren't cart-wheeling or getting pep­pered with roost, you are dragging your boot across the top of your fender. A motocross bike isn't like a Porsche; you can't park on the far side of the parking lot and take up two places- you have to get close in motocross. The plastic on a motocross bike takes a beating, and it costs an arm and a leg to replace (rear fender $30, front fender $25, radiator wings $50, side panels $50 and front number plate $25). If you wanted your bike to have that "new look" all the time, you would need a second job. That's where PC Racing Plastic Renew comes in. It is a working-class, blue-collar, elbow-grease solution to the dingy plastic blues. By following the five basic steps on the Plastic Renew package, your old plastic can look new. Is it too good to be true?

Test results: It's true! Plastic Renew can make old plastic look presentable. New? Well, not brand-new, but almost new. Not a single MXA test rider thought that Plastic Renew would work. The package contains a couple of pieces of sandpaper, steel wool and a bottle of magic elixir. True to its claims, though, we were able to turn scratched, gouged, gored and battle-­worn plastic into very shiny pieces that we were proud of. How did we do it? Sweat equity. The magic elixir in Plastic Renew is a su­per-thin plastic coating that is applied the same way that Rain-X is applied to a windshield, but the finished look of the new plastic coating is only as good as the prep that goes into the original plastic. The sheets of sandpaper come in several different grits. Depending on the depth of the scratches, you start with the rough paper and work your way down to the fine (eventually steel­ wooling the fender). It's not an "easy-does-it" project. The more sweat you put into the sanding process, the new­er your beat-up lender will look when you are done. It works, if you work.

Fitment: It won't take out the yellow stains that permeate a gas tank, but it will clean any surface staining or scratches.

Do you think it will remove the big white cloud that was left when I used WD40 to remove caution label glue on my rear fender? :)

I tried plastic renew.It is ok. Save the money and go with mop n glo. I just did my sons plastics. 600 grit paper for the nicks, soft buffing wheel (mostly to clean then applied mop n glo liberally. Looks good, not new though. From a distance they look good but up close it's eay to see they have been beaten!!!!! Still haven't figured out anything for the white spots that mysteriously appear on the stock yami plastics. I read something on here about taking them out but cannot find now that I need it!!!

Still haven't figured out anything for the white spots that mysteriously appear on the stock yami plastics.

I've read that a heat gun or hair dryer will take out the white stress marks but be careful not to overheat.My white spot was caused by removing warning label glue with WD40.

Hi Jackalope,

Does the mop and glow shine last more than a week?

Hey foursmoke,

I just left the rear fender labels since my moose fender bag mounting plate covered it nicely. The Moose fender bag is a nice black with a blue trim that looks like it was made for Yamaha. :)

Plastic renew works good but will look like crap when it comes in contact with gas.I just put a thin layer on after ever wash.

Thanx Indy,I think a fender bag is a great idea.How does it mount?


It mounts with a hard black plastic plate which requires 4 holes to be drilled in the fender. Two heavy straps in opposite directions with quick disconnects allow you to remove the bag. I like it because sometimes I ride without the bag and just leave the plastic mounting plate. You can also strap something else on since the straps have a large range of adjustment. It fits well on the fender. about 5" wide x 7" long bag on a 4" x 6" plastic plate. Link to picture on web:

Click on item 11 the fender tool pack and see a picture. I mount mine narrow across the fender. Looks cleaner.

Thanks Indy,I think I'll get one. There is only so much you can carry in a fanny pack! :)

check these bags out

Those bags are huge.First good jump and i'll be fenderless. :):D :D

I don't like fender bags. I'm tall and sometimes I hang my butt out over the fender in whoops. Ever get spanked by a bag full of tools?

As for the white spots,a heat gun will get rid of them.

Just be careful not to melt the plastic too much that it

turns to goo.

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