N-style seat cover pictures. Feel free to join in

Seats seem to be the hot ticket right now. So heres a picture or two of my N-style black gripper seat cover.



no pics of it on the bike yet. But yes I have had it on there and there is no wrinkels when its on the bike. Even with the big clarke tank on there. Total re-covering time: 2-3 hours. Although I whatched a few B-movies a the same time. Heck ferris buler was on!

nice job!

Your seat cover wouldn't be white with a red X on the top of it would it?

Mike. :)

wherever your hosting it didnt like remote viewing I guess... :)

That looks just like the One industries gripper cover I have on my bike. It is starting to strecth/hence wrinkle after 1 year but man yu STICK to it! Sometimes so much it pulls my dam pants dowm..... :)

The pants pulling down feature is called "Auto-Moon". When you are pulling away from your friend your seat will "auto-matically" moon your friend as you leave.

I can't wait to try out this feature :)



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