Lake Elsinore Grand Prix Info.

Anybody know where I can go to find out about this event? You guys seem to race in any and every event. I know it's November 8th and 9th weekend, but I'm looking for more details(classes, entry fees, track layout...). AMA District 37 isn't involved with it at all. Thanks in advance.

It runs the usual classes. Its about $100.00 to enter. The course is very very fast. You need desert gearing. Very safe and fun. The races are about one hour long. Mass engine running wave start, The start is hairy alot of guy's hauling ass on pavement with a quick turn. Then you go to dirt. $100.00 is alot to fork out for an hour. The race is run by Goat Breker of GFI sun glasses. The Danny Hammel memorial 100 (100 miles) is great. There are some jumps. Usually one big plateau jump with a few small ones. its held on natural terrain and streets.

For an Amatuer, will I have more fun, or will I get worked to death. I haven't entered any type of race before, and don't want to be the ONLY moving Chicane, but then again, I'm no weakling either. I would like to prepare for it, what do you recommend? Thanks. Goat, isn't he a an Icon like that of Brad Lackey from the Carlsbad G.P days?

It is VERY fast. I rode it last year on a CRF450 with stock gearing and was tapped out in a few spots. I'm not sure if that's the first GP I'd enter. Lots of rocks and ruts at high-speed. The best way to prep is to enter some smaller-scale GPs. Check out SRA Racing at for some races to enter before Elsinore. If you're still interested in the Big One check out in early Fall. They should have entry forms available.

The last two years the entry fee was $95. The Pro race is now called the Harvey Mushman in honor of Steve McQueen. Most of the factory teams are there. And yes it is a blast. After all how many chances do you get to ride fifth gear wide-open down Main Street!

Thanks. I'm not really into motocross, but the concept of the long GP's interest me. I'd like to try one before Lake Elsinore, and I'm moving to Corona, CA. in May, so I might go checkout Glen Helen, but that is a motocross track. What is the next GP, and where? I appreciate the info, guys, and will look into a GP in the near future.

The previous poster was right! Elsinore is a bit rutted. I'm a desert racer so to me its like riding on a pool table. To me, and Ive rode many GP's, its still the easiest around just fast. Problem I have with it is you have to sign up under your regular class. The local motocrossers come in to cherry pick the trophys. Last time I raced it I had over 70 racers in my class (Over 40) I started on the 7th row!! I worked up to 10th got a plack for my efforts. They do trophy back a long way. Glen Helen is the GP capital of So Cal. They hold a gp very frequently. Call them for a schedule.

I'm only 2 years behind you in age, but this event has been one that I've always wanted to enter, and there is no better time than now. With my bike preparation,and level of riding, it would be a blast to be involved in it trophy or not. If any of you are planning on entering, PM me or leave advice here. This section of this site is more busy than one legged man in an... I'll check back here often as well. You said that Glen Helen has GP's? Where did the last one take place? How would I know what class I would be in(38 yrs. old, 1997 XR 400(440 kit))? Is there a rule book I can aquire, and if so, how?

Corey, I'm 45 and my advice to you if you are interested in entry level racing is to sign up at Glen Helen to race SRA Motocross. Its not raced on the BIG TRACK. SRA has a natural terrain track in the back with no obstacles!! Very very small jump or two. Its an OLD MAN track very easy. The racers are laid back as the fast boys are on the BIG TRACK out of your way. Its about $50.00 which includes gate fee's. I highly recommend it!! This will let you develop your skills and build confidence without the pressure of top notch racers behind you. Enter vet (over 30) beginner and take it from there!! Good luck have fun. Call Glen Helen for details.

Now that's what I'm talking about! Being that I weigh only 185 and 6'0", the bike and I work great together. I'm not much of a jumper, but will need to work on the stamina thing. I think you hit the nail right on the head with the VET Beginner Class. I've never served my country, but I've had quite a few girlfriends, so if that qualifies me as a VET, then I'm in! I have all the gear except for the chest protector, and that is next. I'll have to go check it out as a spetator. 200 miles from Bakersfield!

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