Water in the engine

Hi can anyone please give me some advise. Like the muppet I am at times I got over excited with my new jet wash and filled the airbox with water. This resulted when I tried to kick over my WR that the engine is now full of water.

Any help in how I can sort this problem out would be really appreciated. So far I've drained the Airbox and I am drying out the Filter. Where do I go from here.

Apologies for this being such stupid one.

regards Ponty

2002 WR 250f

i hope you didnt start it...if you did you could be in big trouble. This is what i would do if this happened to me:

Remove carb, disassemble spray out all jet/holes/etc with brake clean or compressed air.

Take the engine outta the bike, take off the head/cylinder tip upside down, spary with brake clean. Make sure to get all the water out to prevent rusting.

Iv never had this happen to me so these are just suggestions. :)

Cheers fella, followed your suggestions and I have also dropped the oil. The bike is now near my radiator in the garage to dry out and I will finish the job tomorrow. I tell you, this is the last thing I wanted to do at 11 pm (UK time) before a 4 am start tomorrow.

diolch y Nos Da


Cymru (Wales)

WR 250 F

Also run several treatments of oil chages. Warm it up 10 mins. then change oil. Repeat many times . Then sell. Best option; split cases, re-press all new bearings & seals$$$$

I will look into this . I have a client who deals in YZs and WRs, subject to him agreeing with my price he will do all the work for free.


Cymru (Wales)


"Eagles may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines" -

Tip for keeping air box dry when washing

I use the old air box lid when power washing , duct tape over the hole and just screw it in place for washing - keeps the filter and box bone dry :)

I have a friend who used to take his KLX 300 swimming on a regular basis , all he ever did was tip it upside down with the plug out , ride for the rest of the day , change the oil and ride some more with out any problems.

i have herd the same thing, turn over plug out kick like hell for a while, had a friend with a kdx and a kx that did this just got finished riding for days in utah with him and his bike!

Twin air sells a cover that goes in place of the air filter. I have one, it just screws in where the filter goes...I've never had a problem

I to go for the odd swim with my WR. Challenge is the long term effects of water within case. This season ok next season the internal damage starts & can progress fast. Your likly ok however if your planing on keeping unit for several years or selling it within your group, I`ll suggest full tear down

I have an acerbis air box cover. It screws in like brad says. I actually spray out my air box, and chekc the boot afterwards... dry as a desert

Tips for washing with air filter in.

I take the seat off and cover the air filter with one of those plastic grocery bags which I have hundreds of. Put seat back on and wash. Take bag off and throw away when done.


Sounds like you guys do everything the hard way. I have submerged my bike several times, by accident, and had water shooting out of the spark plug hole. Standing the bike on its back wheel had water runnning out of the exhaust. That enough water for ya?

Here's a write-up of one of my misadventures.

If it happens to you, don't worry, everything will be alright. You don't have to disassemble the motor. Take the spark plug out and kick it through a bunck of times to clear out as much water as possible then get it started. You may have to pull start it to get it started the first time. Run it for a few minutes then drain the oil and clean or replace the oil filter. Make a note of the oil condition. It may look milky from the water. Refill the oil, run it for a few minutes and replace it again. Repeat until the oil comes out clean. 3-4 times should be enough. Take a deep breath, calm down, you haven't ruined your bike.

As far as keeping water out of the boot when you wash the bike: take out the air filter and jam a clean rag in there. Take it out when you're finished and use it to wipe out the airbox. Simple.

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