YZ250 or YZ450?

Need help.

Here is my issue. My son is 14 years old 5’7” 150 pounds. We ride woods and motocross. At this time more woods. He is currently riding a CR 150R expert and is very fast. He has been riding now for around 5 years.

This past weekend after I wore out he spent the better part of Monday riding my WR 450 and just had a blast. Now that he has all but outgrown his 150 my thought for him was to move him to the YZ 250F The button and the WR overall do not interest him, he prefers the motocross bikes. When comparing the models and specs I see that the WR 250 weighs 22 pounds more than the YZ 450. As fast as this kid is growing would it make sense to put him on the YZ250 only to be looking at the YZ450 in a year or so? Am I crazy to put a 14 year old kid on the YZ450?

YZ 250 or YZ 450 Please give me some things to think about? With the deals they have now on the 2009 models I need to decide. Thanks for all your expertise. This is an awesome site.

me personally i would put him on a yz 125 they are 20lbs lighter than the 250f and 35lbs lighter than the 450 i know your are going to say two stokes suck but in all honestly the 125 will make him a better rider it will teach him how to shift and to learn how to carry speed through the corners then after a year or so on the 125 i would then move him up to the 250f thats just my opinion.

I was thinking along the lines of a 2 stroke too. He can lug it and keep the power down when need it, but downshift into the powerband when needed and tear a**!

Also, a 2 stroke is pretty simple to do maintenance on. Maybe it would be a good time for your son to learn some mechanical skills.

In saying that, If he can ride your WR450, I would suggest A YZ250 2 stroke.

I'd put him on a KTM 200 if he wants to continue to mostly do woods. If he wants to do MX I'd go for the Yz250

Based on my son's experience, I would agree that the 250F is a good idea, but don't waste any of his time with the 125. Carrying speed through a corner on a pipey pinger with a two inch wide power curve is not a skill he will ever need later in life.

At the age of 14, at 5'9", 145 lb, or thereabouts, my son went from a CR80B directly to a YZ250F, precisely because it was bigger engine than a 125, has a wide, usable power curve, and is a 4-stroke. Within a very few months, he had gone from someone who could barely keep up to being as fast as any of my adult riding buddies. One of our occasional riding pals with a CRF450 one day asked if I didn't think that 14 was a bit young to be riding a 426. 'Should have seen his face when I told him the bike was a 250.

I am convinced that that motorcycle made my son the rider he currently is, and while he may have eventually learned how to deal with the power of a 250 2T, or a 450F, it would have been too much of a jump for him at the stage he was at at the time, and would have held him back, and very likely taught him some bad habits.

You know your son; I don't. But if it were me, I would repeat what I did for mine with no reservations at all. BTW, he rode that bike until he was 16 years old, and 6'2" tall. He's on an '06 YZ450 now, and rides it like he was born there.

I started my son at 13 on a kx80b, then at about midyear between 14 and 15 he had outgrown the 80, I found a good deal on a yz125. My kid was a very timid rider and we goat trail ride all the time. He struggled with that 125 for almost a year and never got to where he could keep up. Then at about 16 he rode my rmx250 and all of the sudden he could keep up. The rmx is as close to a 4stroke 2 stroke you can get, big flywheel, wr type tranny and so on.

I think for him, if I had found a 250f instead of the 125, he would have hopped on it and been fine. At about the time he started riding the rmx, I had a yz400f that i let him ride some, and he did not like it at all.

I think as gray said, you know your kid, and you have to trust your judgement. Mine is now 19 and busy so we don't get to ride much anymore... Last time we rode he passed me, on my 250 and me on my 300,

with the brakes locked up and his eyes as big as the inside of his goggles...


I'd go with the 250F


It's plenty fast, and frankly "the money" is in SX at the moment (and probably will be for a while, if not always). IF perchance he outgrows it in a year, it will still have a decent market value to trade (or sell) against a 450F. If he rides at the top of his class on a 250 and nearer the middle or bottom on a 450, it will be easier to pick up sponsor $$ on the 250.

Just wondering: Since he's 14 and "expert" on a CR150R, does he have any pro aspirations? Now would be the time to focus on a class (lites would be appropriate imo) and get him some pro training to go along with the bike (250F). He should really benefit from training on the 250F in transitioning to a 450F as a career move; assuming that something that he wants to do in life and has his family's support.

A YZ250 (non-F model) or a YZ450F is too much for a 150 pounder. :crazy:

Get him a YZ250F and watch the skills grow. IMO, you can own a 250F and have reliability provided it was new and you maintain it like any bike.

A YZ250 (non-F model) or a YZ450F is too much for a 150 pounder. :crazy:

Come on, you know weight has nothing to do with it.

It's just the level of experience vs. how unforgiving the bike is. A 250F is forgiving, a 450F, not nearly so much.

A YZ250 (non-F model) or a YZ450F is too much for a 150 pounder. :crazy:

Get him a YZ250F and watch the skills grow. IMO, you can own a 250F and have reliability provided it was new and you maintain it like any bike.

my little brother is barley pushing 140 lbs about 5'9 (hes 17) and hes been on his kx250 for 3 years now and tears it up at the track.if he can handle the bike he should get it. me on the other hand, im 6'4 220 lbs but i have a 450. scott, are you talking about putting him on a 2 stroke 250 or a 250f? either way i dont think you can go wrong:thumbsup:

Come on, you know weight has nothing to do with it.

I was riding my dad's '75 Yamaha SC500 at 13 years old...all 120 lbs of me! :crazy:

Come on, you know weight has nothing to do with it.

It's just the level of experience vs. how unforgiving the bike is.

Agreed. You worded it better than me.:crazy:

However, it can be surmised that a fatty like me DOES give the bike a FWW effect. :eek:

Notice the distinct lack of a fww in my signature... :crazy:

dear god no it is easier to ride a bigger bike he might be intimaadated but he can do it take it from a rider who has been through simaler cr85 to cr250 2 smokers but ask him what he wants and u cant go wrong he will love u forever haha, mark 15 years old

My son moved to a 250f at about 14, 5'10" and 150#, he got faster right away, and his skills improved to where I couldn't catch him anywhere on the track, his confidence went way up and he still loves that bike, and the bike still runs great and has had no major repairs. Get the 250f you won't be sorry. Mike

first me mark 15 yeas old i ride a cr 250 (not f) and i switched from a cr 85 when i was 13 about 5'4 and 135lbs and no one really thought i could ride it except my uncle and my uncle was right big bikes are easier to ride i rode his wr 450 loved it but i wanted a two stroke for freestyle and i love it im glad i did not get a 125 or a 250f a 125 is basically an 85 wont go anyehere unless you scream it but a 250 you can lug it around and personally i was in ur sons situation and i think he should make the decision he knows what he can do trust me on this one and trust ur son in what he believes he is capable of

Well, lots of opinions in here. If your son is ready to move up (and can 'handle' a WR450) I suppose he could go to either a 250T or a 250F. As I understand it, the WR is mellower than the YZ so a YZ450 may be quite the leap. Specifically for woods riding, I think the two-smoker would be more versatile and more fun!:crazy: It doesn't overheat as easily and inexpensive to maintain. Also, you mentioned that he rides the track? The two-smoker is a lot more fun and will dial in the control skills IMO:prof: My son went from a KX100 to a YZ125 (raced that one) and now rides a CRF450R (made that move at 16 (he is 19 now). You can pick up a used 2T for cheap these days. I have both two-smokers and the 450F and enjoy both Also remember the odds against the 4 stroke revolution are 40:1:smirk:

Thank you everyone for your input. I think I am going to look at the 250F for him. I do think the 450 is too much of a jump. Thanks again.

I know KTM has a national wide "demo day" that travels the country. I attended one last fall in Virginia. You get to ride all the off road model bikes for free. You can check their website to see if and when they come close to you. I am by no means plugging the KTM brand I ride yamaha myself, it would be a good opprotuninty for your son to see what cc he is comfortable on.

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