Questions on clutch fix instructions from Yamaha

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These instructions say to remove one plate and replace with another plate AND two other parts. Is this right or do I remove three parts and replace three parts?

Also, the spring part has a mark that says "out". What does this mean? Out when referring to the "out" direction of the hub(red arrow) or "out" when reffering to the out direction of the engine when installed(green arrow)?

Alex- as far as I know, you remove the three parts and replace them all with 01 parts. "Out" means toward the outside of the engine.

There is only one part to remove and three that replace it. Out means to the outside if you put it in backwards it will keep the clutch from engaging properly.

Out means to the outside

Outside of what? Should the word "out" on the part point in the direction of the red arrow or the green arrow

Alex, Have the word "Out" facing towards the outside of the engine, as if you could read it right thru the clutch cover. Does this help? Maniac


don't skip the part about soaking them in oil overnight. Tech has indicated to me that is very helpful in eliminating the chatter and noise.

I was wondering out of everyone out there who own a 03 450, how many are experiencing this clutch problem everyone seems to be talking about. As far as I know my bike is not. Maybe I am just having toooo much fun on it to notice the difference. It doesn't feel any different from the old 2 strokers I used to race?

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