I need a new slip-on pipe...

Last weekend out at Cal city I looped it and the pipe broke and can't be fixed,

It was a White Bro's E2 quite pipe and I want another pipe that's not too loud!! I thinking either a FMF Q4 or a LEO VINCE X3, I have read on here that they are not loud, Anyone know about others that are not obnoxiously loud???

well i dont know how many people are actualy going to post on this but just go with the Q4, fmf make great exhaust slip ons and they will be quite. and im pretty sure they arnt that expensive

What about a powercore 4 (new style) with the 96db insert. Its cheaper than the Q4! It makes good power and still reasonably quiet. Its about on par with the E2 maybe a little louder (I have an E2 and have compared the sound between the two pipes)

I did some searches on here before I posted and I read a post on the same pipe, Powercore with the quite insert, and they reported it was still somewhat loud, on my E2, the quite insert/spark arrestor, the screen detached and I had to buy a generic screen and run it and then it was bit louder, and I don't want to go louder. I want to go shorter, So I was thinking the FMf Q4 they are just under and over $300 on Ebay. I even found the E2 at a better price but White Bro's have been sold to Vance & Hines ( I think it was them ) and they don't make them anymore. And there is one made by LEXX at a real bargain, like $200 seems like a great price, but I have never heard of them before but they look good!

I have 1 brand new E2 factory packing and three end caps, two for the spark arrestor and one for the track and the screen, if anyone want's/needs them.

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