I snuck into enemy lines. . .

onto the CRF forum out of bordem and through direct recon uncovered rumors (no photos) that Ricky Carmichael may be riding a modified CRF during a race or two this up coming Nationals. Issue a warning order to Team Blue and set operation Ferry into motion. If that doesn't work, we might be forced to use our last resort, code named Povelkod-fish who will ride his Suzuki RM 250 onto victory. :)

In this ring, fighting out of the blue corner, weighing in at two hundred and thirty some odd pounds dry....the prince of power, the sultan of sky, the one and only YZ450F!!! Fighting out of the red corner, the red-headed step child, the CRF450! It will be great to see the 2 big thumpers with skilled riders going head to head.

Disclaimer: Before everyone gets on me...they are both great bikes. I ride blue, it's my obligation to the brethren to be somewhat bias!

nah, make pavelkod ride his shiny YZ with so the polished swingarms and ignition cover blind RC!!!!


I think Wyatt's bike would be the one to blind RC and everyone else on the track! The glare off his swingarm alone would be enough to make everyone else run off the track! :)

Well, we have RC, sooooooooo........you're screwed :)

ha ha too funny!!!

LMAO!!! :):D

<pre><font class="small">code:<hr> If that doesn't work, we might be forced to use our last resort, code named Povelkod-fish who will ride his Suzuki RM 250 onto victory. </pre><hr>


I don't know Reed looked fast on the YZ 4-5-0 during the world cup!

Braaaaap! Frrrrp. Man, what was that?! Oh, just some orange mush and some freckles under my 450's tire. . .

If that doesn't work, we might be forced to use our last resort, code named Povelkod-fish who will ride his Suzuki RM 250 onto victory.


You guys are killing me! I wish I was half as funny as some of you! Wait a minute. Does looking funny count?

:):D :D Maniac

Bump, bump, bump.

What would be totally cool would be a head-to-head race between RC and Reed on thumpers. I would like to see how each of their riding styles would change going from 2 smokes to the thumpers.

On a more serious note; As well known as Povelkod may be in motocross racing, I am not sure that he would relinquish the RM250 to race the ever elusive KX/RM450 thumper as a representative of the Suzuki empire. Povelkod would more than likely feel that he would possess an unfair edge over RC and Reed using the top secret RM thumper. A victory over RC and Reed could not be enjoyed with such an unfair advantage.


I can just see it. Tim Ferry vs Ricky Carmichle.

RC pulls the whole shot oh wait here comes Ferry he is making a charge.... Ohhhhh down go's RC due to TF rear wheel. 19 minutes later....... Tim Ferry takes the checkered while Ricky struggles to refire his beast. :)

How true..does RC know the 4 stroke start routine???? Pin that gas while kicking....eternal flooding


Don't worry Ricky has been riding a CRF for awhile. He has been riding at his track a Ricky prepped CRF for awhile. I was at Washougal last year and he mentioned on the podium he would like to ride CRF. But in reality who really knows when he will get on one. He say's that he likes them on the national circuit. Ricky and Chad, mmmm-who's leading in the points in supercross.

Ricky and Chad, mmmm-who's leading in the points in supercross.

True RC is leading in points. Compare RC's rookie year to Reeds and Reed is spanking RC. Only good things will come in the next few years when Reed spends more time on the tracks. RC's days are numbered anyway, who ever's paying Stewart will own the title when he moves to 250's.

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