Results of 13 tooth countershaft sprocket?

Has anyone changed the front to a 13 and left the rear stock? What was the net result?

I find myself between 1st & 2nd in the twight twisty rocky stuff and would prefer to remain in 2nd. Any Feedback (other than learning to ride faster)?



I run a 13/50 combination last summer and it worked well in the tight Michigan woods. 3rd gear is a blast ----

13/50 is what I ran on the xr6 and same on my kdx250

Seems to be a great gearing to pull 2nd all day long in

I found myself between 2nd/3rd too often on various desert trails, so I switched to 13/48 a and I really like it.

Thanks for everyone's input!

I'll be tying a 13 tooth this weekend...



I had the exact same problem- too much time in 1st gear in the slow stuff. I went to a 13T front sprocket with the stock 48 rear and solved the problem. Best part is that a front was $15, instead of paying $50+ for a new rear sprocket.

I have a XR650R with power up and I right tight north MI. trails I had a 14/50 loved it good power out of turns in 2nd then went to a 13/48 ok but I liked the 14/50 better doesnt seem to lug as well out of turns if i were to do it again I would do a 14/51.

I use a 13/50... it was the only way to get into second in the woods. So far, so good, no chain stretch or huge wear issues (but then I don't ride nearly enough!). If I pin the throttle in first gear on the pavement, I CAN'T keep the front wheel down. What a hoot!

Well gang, I rode with the 13 on Sunday and loved it in the tight stuff! I was able to run 3rd most of time and only dropped into 2nd in the real nasty areas. 3rd is a blast!

Thanks for everyone's feedback.


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