Part Numbers for Jets

Dealer is clueless, does anyone have the part numbers for the 160 main, 48 pilot, and the 72 starter? It will be much appreciated. :)

I would think long and hard about switching dealers. They sound pretty lame. :)

Well, in their defense, they opened the doors three weeks ago.

160 main 4MX-14943-39-00

48 pilot 4MX-14948-06-00

72 starter 3TJ-1494F-16-00

$25 USD at my local dealer for all 3.

Did they offer you any vasoline with your $25.00 purchase? Try Sudco next time.

Sudco??????? :):D

$25 ?? i got all three from my dealer for $12. i think you should look for a new dealer. anywhere around here a jet goes for $3-$4 .

You can also check your Manual it has all the jet and needle part No's


I asked about the Vaseline option but they wanted an additional $7. What I lost in dollars, I gained in convenience. The dealer is close to work and I know I pay retail when I walk in the door. I do not buy anything more than bits and pieces from them.

Ride fast – take chances


Thanks ckulzer!!!

ckulzer i would pay more for convenience too. i am a very patient man that hates waiting !! :D:)

I got my jets out of my tool box. They were leftover ones from a bike long since sold. If your dealer can't find the right jets for you, you really should think about going to another dealer for help in the future. I've found that the best place to buy carb parts is through the I-net. Find somebody who deals with Sudco or another carb place. They don't usually rob you. Usual mark-up at the dealerships is something in the order of 100% (no kidding). Mail order places have much lower mark-up. The manual has part #s for the jets but I haven't checked them yet to see if they are Yamaha part #s or Keihin #s. If they are Yam #s, you can bet they will gouge you for them. I check and get back to you. Good luck.

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