YZ450F Skidplates

Which skidplates do YZ450F owners recommend, and why?

This is for mostly trails/CC riding in some rocky areas.


OHV Rider,

I have a e-line skid plate for my 450. It has great coverage and bolted up well. It uses the stock mounting brackets that the cheap stock glide plate uses. One thing that I don't care for is the way it holds in the engine noise. It makes it so that you can hear everything about the engine, it is like it echoes. It cost around $100 dollars, if I were to do it again I would maybe look for something a little cheaper. :)


Check out Works connection web site. They hold up pretty well. The cost is 59.95

I run works connection everything on my 450F, fairly priced, and good build/fit/quality to them.

I've heard great things about e-line. TimFurryBalls had a new one up for sale not long ago.

Eline is nice. I've hit lots of rocks and even cased it on a rock and it's held up fine.

Light too.

I wonder if you had a plate with a bunch of small holes in it if it would still give decent protection, but not have the noise and overheating issues I've heard about.

Thanks for all the replies,

I run an Aussie made B&B skid plate, fitted great and even comes with rubber strips where it sits against the frame. you can get to the sump plug easily aswell,oh and there cheep as well.


OHVrider I am not sure what overheating issue you are speaking of, but I am doubtful a skid plate could cause overheating problems as heat rises, and when bike is moving there is plenty of air passing over the motor and plenty of room behind the motor for the air to pass and exit the engine area...maybe these problems are not due to a skid plate but something else. Just a thought. Not to mention aluminum is one of the best metals at disapating heat.

Once again, I have a Brand New Never Used before E-line carbon fiber skid plate for sale, $120 + FREE shipping! You can't go wrong! Great plate, good looks and fit, just not for my type of riding.

Anyone try the W.E.R. plate? I like the idea of the minimal base plate (like a glide plate) and the loops for case protection. Supposed to reduce the noise over conventional style wraparound plates.

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