i'am going to buy a pair of tech 8 boots, but when i walked around in them in the store they felt unusaly stiff and i cant imagine what its going to be like trying to ride in them since it doesnt fel like i'll have any controll :) how long does it take to brake in a new pair of boots? :D

I just got a new pair of Tech 8's also. I thoutgh they were really stiff when Itried themthem on initially. after about 1 or 2 hours of riding they were as scomfy as slippers and they are still really supportive. I guess I was just used to crappy boots because i still can't believe how comfortable and supportive these are. Get them you won't be disappointed.

No, no... houseshoes.

They are comfortable as houseshoes! :):D

I got a pair For x-mas, from a secret admirer, and today was the first time on the bike since last nov. They felt really good, alittle stiff but good. My only problem with them was that I had a hard time feeling that rear brake pedal other than that I loved them and the price was right. :)

Get em...takes a few hours to break in, but in the long run, it will be money well spent.

Make sure you don't have any upcoming races until boots are broken in as you will not be able to accurately feel your rear brake pedal....


i have a pair of 3 yr old tech 5's... LOVE 'em..resoled once...good support from alpinestar for new arch pads and resole kits.. i had gaerne, answer, oneals , the alpinestars rate supreme.


The Tech 8 is still by far the best boot made but it does take a while to break them in. I've heard that if you soak them in water and walk around in them that they break in really quick.

thanks for the help i cant wait to break them in :)

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