my right wrist is fused, I need help to ride again

I was in a bad motorcycle crash two years ago and ended up with my right wrist being partially fused. The end result is very little throttle control. I've tried a thumb throttle but can't stand it. I would like to put the throttle and front brake on the left hand switch the clutch over to the right. Obviously, this presents a problem with the brake being upside down and the throttle twisting the wrong direction. Does anybody know someone who could make me a custom throttle and brake? Please help me, I NEED TO RIDE AGAIN!!!! You can post here or email me at

Thanks for your help,


The stock throttle will work fine on the left side, you just have to switch the way the cables attach inside the throttle housing, or switch them at the carb. As for the brake, you might be able to use a hydraulic clutch master cylinder to power the brakes. I don't know if it would push enough fluid to properly operate the brakes though. Anyone? Maniac

How about a forefinger trigger throttle like an aftermarket jet ski throttle? The master for the clutch would probably be too small to operate the brake. GP Tech does make a right hand thumb brake for roadracing. Linked brakes on a dirt bike? With a proportioning valve?

a finger throttle on a bike would be no good. I rode standups for awhile(high mods) and with the finger throttle i can count numerous times haveing the thing rip out from underneath me. My vote would be move to left side. I know some trials riders in my area are doing this, for reasons I don't know though. I havn't gave it much thought.

I rode stand ups too, that is why I suggested the trigger. I hated the thumb throttles on jet skis. I always thought about going to a twist throttle but never did. I cant imagine why a trials rider would switch sides unless they just didnt want anyone to ride their bikes! :):D Kind of like a suicide clutch or a hand shifter.

i had a 1976 kawaski was 400 was yellow and black.had the starter button down near the foot pad in the front.had a trigger throttle... i put a new set of grips on, and the trigger got jammed.the grip was too thick.i fell off with the trigger wide open... it went a mile up river hit a log on the bank and totally disintegrated. i spent all winter and all my bucks rebuilding and restoring that stand up.wish i could find another like was a collectors item...talkin about standups brought back great memories...sorry for the rant fellas... one thing i will say... it ain't jet skiing if your sitting on your arse... unless your pounding the waves with an old X2 650...those were great...


Yea, I had a 1997 Kawasaki 750 SXi. I sure miss it now. I've heard the new ones are much better, and the Yamaha is more stable and smooter running.

Get a Internet Satellite dish, buy a house boat, and live out on the lake, while technically "working at home". :)

That would be the life.


The twist throttle on the left side would be a good option. I would be interested in what Fastest mentioned about a proportioning valve and operate both brakes with one lever. That would take some enginering, but could work out well.

one thing i will say... it ain't jet skiing if your sitting on your arse... unless your pounding the waves with an old X2 650...those were great...

Chris i disagree,

A waveblaster is the closest thing to a motorcycle on water. Thinking of it also brings back some very good memories.

Here is one from a race in Lake Charles:


In racing buggies and other caged sports they use proportioning valves to adjust the brake bias. It would be relatively easy to adapt to a bike I am just not sure how to get a big enough master cylinder for it. You could hook two masters in tandem off of the foot brake though. One for the front, one for the rear.

After making the statement about running 2 rear master at once I went and checked the size of the rear. It says 1/2 on it where the front says 11mm. A 1/2" would translate to 12.7mm I would think it would be sufficient. I am not sure the 1/2 is in inches though. Cant find the spec in my manual.

You need Magura part #163.10L brake fluid. This has a 10.5mm piston, should be close enough (little more lever movement I believe). It is a left hand master cylinder that accepts brake fluid. You should be able to bolt your existing line right into it. I happen to be looking at one right now because I'm trying to come up with a handlebar mounted hydraulic brake solution.

Like the others said, the throttle on the left side should be pretty easy.

For the clutch, I would just get an auto clutch but I'm probably a little biased because I make 'em.

thanks for the help. any suggestions as to where to buy the Magura master cylinder for a fair price? Now, here comes the trick: I am currently riding a two stroke, so there is only one cable into the throttle. I plan on getting a YZ450 next year, but now I'm trying to fix my current ride. Any suggestions for the throttle. Also, do you think the Magura will have enough power for the brake?



I believe Parts unlimited carries them, if not try Magura directly. If you still have trouble, call me and I'll get you one. 208-429-0659.

I would do the auto clutch and keep the brake on the right side. Then you only have to change the throttle.

Do a search, someone here recently spent the time and money trying to get that Magura to work with the rear brake with no luck. I think they were out of Florida maybe Sirthump? Did you ever look at the GP Tech website? They are the ones with the left side thumb brake. Try them @

The auto clutch sounds like the winner to me! Especially if you go 4-stroke since you shift less than on a 2-stroke anyway. That should solve 2 problems with one fix. You keep the working brake lever on the right side and don't have to worry about the clutch! :)

If you want, you CAN get that Boyeson grip (normally mounts to the left grip), and mount it to your RIGHT side. It will allow partial movement of the grip, and might make front braking/clutching easier w/ your right hand (allowing partial movement).

>> This is w/ putting your throttle on the LEFT side.

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