PM me for the ordering info.

I think I have sent it to everyone who has PM'd me so far.

Let me know!

The sooner you act, the sooner you will see your braces! They are shipping good ole UPS ground :)

If you want them shipped FedEx air saver in the continental U.S., add $10 to the total with a note stating you want Randy Lowe to FedEx them for you. If you are overseas, pm me your business address FIRST and I can get you a qoute using my wifes 50% off discount! You are much more likely to get them the fastest using your business address! Businesses take priority on shipping!

Make sure you get the right size the first time!

There is a toll free number on

They can walk you through the sizing process if your unsure.

Dont tell them where or how much your getting them for or it will be over before it gets started!



3 V Rider also has a dealer on board with this deal in the pacific North West! PM him or me. For those of you in Texas you can save the tax ordering from his dealer. 3 V also said he could help the canadians get a better deal on shipping! :)


bumping till monday

Guys I think you are still not getting the best deal. I am a dealer of Asterisk, and I know I can beat the price you are getting, especially if I call Laura at Asterisk, and state that their braces are all the talk on TT, and will continue to be talked up if we can make a group buy deal. Lowco, call me 740-362-5595, or 740-207-1252 and let's see if we can save you guys some more money.. Eric Moore

Eric, I have called you and left a message this morning.

Why are you just now stepping up to the plate? The call has been out for over a week and a half for dealers to step forward. None did till now? Bryan Bosch has allready talked to Asterisk about a group buy, and they wernt interested! I myself contacted my local dealer tues. about this buy. He was not even set up with Asterisks 9 pages of dealer applications red tape, but did this in 1 day for us and is now ready and willing to place the orders for us. I am pretty happy with the deal myself and 25 others are taking advantage of at this time. I would say if you really want to help with group buying products, you might see what you could do on maybe some steering dampners :)

Thanks for your interest.


I was in Japan for three weeks, and am just now getting back to work, and catching up. I apologize for the delay, I have just logged on to TT for the first time since I got back. I read the post that Asterisk didn't want to do anything, so we just won't tell them and they won't know any better. I just pm'd you a message regarding what i am willing to do for TT memeber on group buys and the like. I am willing to make a little on a lot, instead of a lot on one sale expecially if future sales will result. I hardly stock anything in my shop, I prefer the save the customer money and order what they want approach. I make my money on selling bikes, and the parts ends is a benefit for me to buy what I need for myself, and any of my loyal customers. I know i can hook up TT members. What is the final pricing you are getting on the braces? I wil pm you actual dealer cost if you want to know it, and we can work it out from there. I will totally do a group buy in steering dampers, or any other items TT members want, how about a group buy on the Powernow from DSP? Talk to me members, let's do this

I'm still going through with the $429 deal. Check's in the mail to the dealer. Thanks LowCo. -Mike-

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