Engine Ice Question...

I bought soem engine ice today, and when I got it home and started looking I noticed it has alot of white particles in it ? It doesnt look normal ??? any input would be nice....


Not Hardly!

So is his engine ice OK or did he get a bad bottle?

Well I called Cycle logic and they said it was normal... they said it was the anti-bonding agents in the coolant... and I wasnt the only one to ever call or notice... :) well hope they are right...

All you have to do is shake it up!! The little white particles will go away! The stuff works great.

I've tried Water Wetter and I will be switching to Engine Ice. The Water Wetter was a waste of money.

Geeze, I guess I just bought some Engine Ice and didn't even know it! Engine Ice and Silkonene coolant contain the same ingredients: propylene glycol/water mix. Ethelyne glycol is the standard toxic stuff that comes in most bikes. Proylene glycol is basically non-toxic. I just put the Silkolene in my CRF and added the coolant tank in frame mod. I'm off to Left-Hand canyon this saturday for the "acid test" of boil-overs. Very steep, very slow, technical climbing that has boiled every water cooled bike I have ever owned, including my DRZ and KTM250EX/C. If you want to know why CRF's are prone to over-heating, just look at the radiator closely; The thickness of the core is 1/2 normal size, then the cooling tubes are also thinner. With any luck Honda will make a CRF450X with larger capacity radiator than can be retro-fitted to the CRF. Unitl then, it looks like coolant recovery tanks and engine ice.

I'm going to grab some on the way home tonight. Is one (half gallon) bottle enough for the CRF?

I don't have my manual handy here to look up how much the bike takes.

Actually, It's the "anti-foam" and "anti-corrosion" properties.

It's in all coolant/antifreeze products, but because Engine Ice is in a clear bottle...you see it.

It's normal.

Even though Silkolene's product is a PG-based product, it isn't the same.

Engine Ice does have additional additives and is pre-diluted with a more clean, more pure water (Deionized).

There's a difference.

For all you folks happy with the product, EXCELLENT!

and Thank you.


and Yes, one bottle is enough

Last Question:

I'll drain all of the coolant out of both radiators, but don't think I can suck it all out of the engine.

Is there any problem mixing what's left in the block with the Engine Ice I put in the radiators?

Not really

But you should at least run some clear water through it.

As for flushing the system, we recommend a very simple and cheap radiator flush.

Go to your local grocery store and buy "White Distilled Vinegar" and mix that 50/50 with some distilled water.

Fill the system with the 50/50 mix, run the bike until warm, let cool, drain and then run clear water through to wash out the vinegar.

It's the same idea as cleaning your coffee maker.

The vinegar is acidic enough to remove any scale or impurities, but not so harsh that it will harm your delicate seals and gaskets.


Just a note...Ice and ProKool are AMA legal in the Pro classes.


That "additional ingredient" that you say Silkolene Pro-Cool doesn't have wouldn't happen to be pRoFiT would it? :)

Do you have any measurement info on heat-tranfer properties to back up why I should buy Engine Ice over Pro-Cool?

(just a question, not a flame!)

Another question for Engine Ice guy...does Engine Ice have a shelf life and if so how long can you store it. Might want to buy a few and keep some on the shelf. Thanks JP

This stuff seems to work quite well. I've been running it about a year and have ridden all over the place from wet and cold to hot southern CA. After doing the frame overflow tank, I never seemed to have to worry about losing the fluid. Engine Ice seemed to keep the bike from overheating like before, but you just don't notice it anyway when you are not spitting fluid all over the place.

Hi Dave

I bought engine ice just because the guy that posts here is really cool (no pun intended). I needed coolant anyway.

I used it in my own YZ 250 as well as th eneighbor kids CR 80. Both bikes stopped puking out the overflow while idiling. I am not sure what that means, but I will continue to use it. I think it is worth the money.

It is not as if they give away the automotive stuff anyway!

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