torque range?

whats a good range for a breakaway torque thatll cover most things on the yzfs, ft lbs and in lbs?

0-100 ft lbs is good for about a half dozen of the larger bolt sizes 14-18mm with a bolt head of 17 to 22 mm.

0-50 ft lbs (600 in lbs) is good for a most sizes under that.

0-25 ft lb or 0-15 for serious engine work.

Check your owner or service manual to see what the factory recommends and you can go shopping.

Just so you know, the middle of the torque range on each Torque wrench is the most accurate. So don't go and buy a 0-300# torque wrench. A 0-100# torque wrench is most accurate while torqueing to 50#. Hope this helps. Maniac

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