I need a part for a YZ exhaust...anyone?

Dont know what 13 is but anyone with an aftermarket pipe needs 18 & 19. That is why it is missing.

Hmmm, dirty bas*ard. :) LOL

Well, I might run down to the local hardware store and see if I can rig up something for it.

I have a FMF PCIV SA and funny thing is it dosent require those pieces. It just slips right over the barrel mount on the subframe.

Oh, and 13 is just a rubber bumper. No biggie, Im sure I dont even need it.

I believe 13 is the rubber stopper used to keep the number plate off the pipe. Looks like its on the wrong side in the mircofiche, but maybe the transposed the pic of something?

The FMF Q pipes don't use that piece, but anyone wanting to sell theres, would want to make it a package deal.

My FMF pipe doesn't have a rubber bumper.

You could try a bike wrecker/salvage place if you have one in your area.

a really good hardware store should have something that could suffice...or try a lowes or home depot... go to the brass grommet /compression fitting area... there are some goodies you may find there.take the bolt , to test fit and look for some washers...if you have access to a bench grider you could make these parts.. the rubber thingy you could make with a big glob of silicone.lay the pipe on its side and get a tube of silicone squirt some so it pertrudes through the hole. then squirt some more until it piles to the desired height.. let it sit overnight.kabaam you got a new grommet...

good luck,



Im definatly going to explore all options before having to order them. Not a bad idea, but would the silicone be hard enough to stand up very long?

Thanks guys!


Go to the nearest Auto Zone or whatever and you will find "generic" rubber bumpers. Usually in that "Help!" display assortment of hinge pins, window cranks, dome light lenses, small parts, etc. that every store has.

If that doesn't do it, open your wife's car door/hatch and there is probably one in the door jamb that she won't miss... :)

LOL.. :)

Ok, Ill try that tonight. Thanks for the input Chaindrive.

Actually, my wife would miss it. She would notice if I made the slightest modification to her car. (except washing it!) :D

definitely get that rubber bumper... on my old yz400, I had an FMF Q on it with no bumper. So one day, I leaned bike against tree to take a whiz, and come back to bike smelling burnt plastic...that's right, burned several holes through exhaust side number plate...looked crappy and I still sold it that way

the new yz450F silencer has 2 rubber stops.....

I might have some of the 13's, but I would have to dig around a bit.

Let me know if you don't have any success.

The 18 and 19 are fairly custom, so those you'll most likely have to order.


My YZ Pipe had 2 conical (Metal) inserts (one on each side) making the outer surface flat when mounted. I lost one and just used a regular washer in it's place and never had a problem.

Bonzai :)

I just did this to my wr too. The rubber hanger bushing and the inner metal washer/tube fit together well. Then you need a bit longer bolt and outer flat washer. I got mine from the Yamaha dealer all for less than 10$ I think its worth it so there is less vibration. I think the damper (rubber) keeps the pipe from cracking. The alloy pipe i feel would crack if not dampened. IMHO :)

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