OT: Elizabeth Smart found in Utah

Any of you guys remember the girl Elizabeth Smart that got kidnapped here in Utah earlier last year? Well, the police in Sandy, Utah just found her in a car during a traffic stop. I don't have all the details yet, but it seems like they didn't positively ID her until they got her to the cop shop. Looks like this probably wasn't much of a kidnapping--more of a runaway thing. I've been betting everyone that her parents knew all along.

Tell me, if you were a kidnapping victim and the police pulled your kidnapper over, would you not make a big scene about who you were? Especially in a high-profile case like this?

Don't get me wrong, I am very glad that the attention this case got helped push the Amber Alert elsewhere, and hopefully made us all a little more watchful, but there's been something fishy about this Elizabeth Smart thing all along.

But anyway, thank god she wasn't found dead & messed up somewhere!

That is WAY COOL. :):D

I think everybody is glad that Elizabeth is now home. What an unbelivable ordeal that she must have endured. We will never know.

I would like to address your comment about how it is hard to believe that a kidnapped person would not be yelling for help. I am no expert on these issues, but A LOT of victims of crime fear voicing out. Be it rape, physical abuse or even kidnapping.

I am just happy that her nightmare is now over.

Nice to have some great news.

Wow, great news. We all know how most of these turn out, glad she is back home.

If the parents truly knew she wasnt kidnapped they should be held accountable for something.

Of course that is purely speculation, here is a story link. I guess she was simply

walking down the street with 2 drifters, one guy that worked on their roof for 5 hrs,

and his female freind, all 3 of them wearing wigs at the time.

Her mother hired the drifter to help with roof repair after seeing him begging on the street.

Im all for helping somone out in need, but inviting them back to my house to work on the

roof doesnt sound like a smart option...


that's awesome, what a miracle!

Excellent news!

Now if Laci Peterson and a bouncing baby boy would come home...

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