Chain sprocket combinations

Any ideas on what aftermarket chains and sprockets to use? I have been looking at the sidewinder, wow! It's a little spendy.

i have the SS titax(I think) and DID Xring from rocky Mountain. Great value for the money. :)

I went the big buck route with Sidewinder....both sprockets, chain and a couple cans of lube put the bill over $300 bucks. No signs of wear on the sprockets after a year (1200 miles)....I figure if I get twice the life it's the same difference as going the cheaper route twice.

My two cents.

Ironman sprockets are very good and come with a 1 year guarantee. Web site:

Top off with the best O-Ring chain of your choice.

In my opinion, nothing beats the stock rear sprocket, for price or durability. The last combo I used was a Sunstar steel front sprocket ($13), a stock steel Yamaha WR sprocket ($17), and a Regina gold o-ring chain ($70). All those prices are at my local dealer who gives me a racer program discount. I ride about 100 hard miles every week and that setup lasted me almost 11 months. If I had stayed diligent and not used WD-40 on the chain during the last few months, I am convinced it would have lasted more than a year. (I got lazy.) Now I only use either BelRay Super Clean chain lube or Maxima Chain Wax. I also have taken to always warming up the chain with 5-minute ride before I apply any chain lube (like the directions say to do.) I've used the same combination again because I was so impressed with the last set's performance. I'm expecting at least a year out of this setup (Of course, the front sprocket will need to be replaced a couple of times before then.)

Hey, Rich in Orlando.

Send me a PM with your mailing address and I will send you the brand new stock front and rear sprockets from my WR450. no charge no shipping charge ( I have a business account I can use). I threw away the stock chain it was stretched with zero miles? It was an inch longer than the Regina OS O-ring chain I replaced it with.


How do you like the ruber mounted clamps? Thinking about replacing my stock triple clamps with something to reduce bar vibs. :)

Hi Gloft,

I have the hard compound rubber mounts and it gets some vibration to the grips but it dampens out a lot compared to stock. You can order them with medium and soft rubber mount as well. I like the nylon lock nuts which allow you to snug your bars but keep the rubber mounts from being compressed to hard. It also helps cushion impacts on your bark busters. You can see a 1/2" cushion play at the end of the bars from the rubber mounts when you apply heavy pressure. I am very satisfied.

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