Sealing washer?

My buddy lost, or misplaced in his words, my sealing washer for the transmission oil drain bolt. Do regular hardware stores have this types of aluminum washers? Or can i replace it with some silicon spray on the bolt and a regular washer?


That washer is called a crush gasket,they should be replaced every few changes to get proper torque un drain bolt.

If your shop is out of them try a japanise car dealer or napa store,quick lube.

It is a 8mm bolt size.

hope this dam frost goes away fast so we can ride around here soon.

hope this helps

Steve Tonne

thanks for the help, thats exactly what im looking for. I thought it was a crush washer but was confused when the manual said it was a sealing washer.

I bought mine at the local Honda dealer....

These are Honda Part numbers:

As you can see the Engine & Transmission use the same washer

Engine oil bolt drain washer #90463ML7000

Trans oil bolt drain washer #90463ML7000


Trans oil check bolt washer #90474333000


If you only torque your drain bolts to 8ft. lbs. you never need to replace them because you don't crush the washer.

I don't like to order washers and bolts from honda or any manufacturer for that matter, $2.23 for a washer. I'd rather go get one for $.50 from a hardware store.

try a home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot. Get a bag of 8mm aluminum or copper washers. They're soft and will 'crush' just a bit to seal. Much cheaper than buying the honda parts.

Try McMaster Carr. You can get the exact same washers from them much cheaper. I think it was about $3 for 50. Yea thats right honda has about a 2000% mark up on those.

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