O/T Custom Made Avatars...Updated


Looks OK Ey?

looks sweet.:) What program did you use to make it?

I Like it! Maniac

That is sweet Alex. Nice job! :)

Now mill it and sell it to the rest of us. Make it the size of a silver dollar.

I created the solid models and rendered it using Solidworks. I stole the TT logo and mapped it onto the domed surface on the back. I created 25 bmp files and then joined them together into an animate gif using coffeecup animator.

Anybody want their own custom animated avator? As long as it;s not too complex of a shape to make I can do it real fast. Send me an image of your bike and I'll map it onto a spehe or something. I only have a 15 day trial with the gif animator...

I want one..Should i resize it before i send it to you or just send it.

Thanks :):D

OK OK no more..I got like 5 to do

Doing it is easy coming up with the idea is hard....

Didn't mean to steal you avatar, just wanted to see how the avatar thing works. I'll remove it after I see if it works.

BTW-Nice job!

web page

Here is a sheet showing the ones I did for some members:

The little pictures dont move cause it's too damn hard to get the presentation to work w/o 50mb of files

so if you actually want to see them animated go look up their user names.


Let me know when you get more time (if and when). I'd like to get in line for one!

Just let me know what I need to do on this end and I will help you out as much as I can.

I am interested in one also, please let me know when you're ready for another one to do. I don't want to overwhelm you. Thanks REYNOLDS :)

Here's another one I made for MoMilkMan....


Gee, wouldn't suppose you'd have any good ideas for Tim "Furry Balls", huh?!


This has got to be my coolest one yet...you can have it if you like it...otherwise whoever grabs it first can have it.

It is supposed to be the iron cross rising out of the water like so religious thing

Iron Cross Animated

I'll take it looks cool.Do i just link it to the website or what?


Ya that's fine...unless you have your own web space that would be better. I only have 8Mb total web space.

Funny I wasn't thinking blue for your name when I did it but it kinda fits...

sure i can put it on my space.I wonder if i can use a yahoo site?I'll pm you my email address to send the file..


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