Luggage Rack

I have a new 2002 S. Looking for a rear luggage rack-any suggestions?

Check out Suzuki accessories and stuff sold here on TT

Where in NC are you located. I live in Winston and saw a yellow DRZ-S on the road in Rural Hall today. :)

I live just outside of New Bern, NC

That's cool! I'm from Burlington (work in D.C.), and my grandparents live in Havlock! I'll have to give you a shout when I go see them in April! Sunday March 16, there is a FAMILY DAY at Devil's Ridge MX Park in Sanford. I will be taking my Jr. DRZers there. Info # is 919-775-3638.In case you're interested! Here's a really nice luggage rack from Pro Moto Billet... Andrew

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