WR or YZ

I have never ridden either of these bikes nor am I that familiar with them. Although they are the same displacement do they each accelerate equally well or is the YZ much quicker and more explosive.? Is one more durable than the other?

I have both,

The YZ has better bottom end because of taller 1st and 2nd gearing. But the WR is faster on the top end because of Taller 3-5 gearing.

Both are very durable bikes, the YZ is a bit lighter and easier to throw around for a long period of time. The WR can be made lighter and more aggressive by replacing the stock seat and tank with the YZ model and raise the forks up 1/2 inch in the clamps.

The YZ can be turned into an awesome woods weapon by adding a 10oz flywheel weight and adding a Scotts or WER Stabilizer.

Suspensions on both are good but are made spectacular by upgrading to Race Tech /M x Tech suspension.

The above data holds true for the 400/426 models. As far as the 450's go, we cannot wait to see.

Good luck,

Bonzai :)

i do believe that is Bill's first serious post.

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